Galilei Promotional Power Bank with Extra Feature to Jumpstart a CarTop 10 uses for promotional power banks:

  • Door Stop
  • Toast your bread (a small piece)
  • Prop up your car when no cinder blocks are available
  • Building blocks for your 3 year old
  • Provide an extra jolt of energy to your Frankenstein creation
  • Warmup weights before you do a bench press.
  • Paperweight
  • Straight edge for making lines
  • Hockey puck
  • Running weights


No, but seriously, check out these 10 additional functions that come built into some of our branded power banks.


  1. Selfie Stick: Our Cramer Power Bank is built into the handle of a selfie stick. Use the selfie stick to take pictures or record your adventures, and when the battery gets too low, simply plug it in to the UL listed 2.200 mAh power bank. The power bank can be used while attached to the stick or detached and used anywhere.
  2. Speaker: We have several power banks that fit into this category, ranging from the Marconi Power Bank, which looks like a normal, entry level power bank, to the High Sierra® Lynx, which is IP66 rated, meaning it is dustproof and waterproof, basically bulletproof.
  3. Phone Stand: This is another category which has several variations, including the Dewar Power Bank which, in its normal state, is a very slim power bank. To use as a phone stand, you simply flip up one end of it which creates a cradle to support your phone.
  4. Flashlight: We carry over a dozen power banks which have a built in flashlight. I would have to say that my favorite is the Mega Watt Power Bank, which not only has a flashlight, but can also charge my phone nearly four full times, as well as the ability to charge a tablet. Kinda Awesome!
  5. Jump Start Cables: The Galilei Power Bank is a great backup charger with a very unique feature. It has the ability to jump start your car in addition to your phone.
  6. Pen/Screen Cleaner/Stylus: The Higgs Power Bank is a tiny little charger about the size of a pen. Actually, it is exactly the size of a pen. This is not only a great emergency power source, but is also useful for writing (on paper or on your screen) as well as to clean your screen of all smudges.
  7. Auto Safety Kit: The Bohr Power Bank makes a great giveaway for car dealerships. Not only can its 5,200 mAh battery charge most phones multiple times, it also has safety tools for car emergencies. It includes a flashlight, a seatbelt cutter and a safety hammer to break a car’s window.
  8. Magic 8 Ball: Our Zeeman Promotional Power Bank is interactive. Ask it a question, and push a button to have the Zeeman give you an answer.
  9. Alarm Clock: The van der Waals Power Bank has an LED display screen with multiple features. Not only will it let you know what percentage of the battery is left, it will also show you the date and time and even let you set an alarm.
  10. Tablet Case: We currently carry three power banks that are built into a tablet case/portfolio. You can easily secure your tablet in a case and have it charge while still being protected. Depending on the option you choose, it may also come with a pad of paper, extra pockets for cards or papers, and a stand built in.
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