Distinct Feature

The Basecamp Explorer is not just your average power bank promotional product. Among its distinctive features are its flashlight design and function and secure webbed strap for easier grip. These features also make the Explorer ideal for outdoor use. However, even if it goes well with your next camping trip, make sure not to get it all wet as it is not waterproof.

However, more than these unique features, will it really meet expectations as a power bank?


The Explorer has a 2200 mAh power capacity lithium-ion battery. With this kind of storage, it has around 30 hours of available power for a mobile phone, eight hours for an MP3 player, and around five hours for gaming consoles. This means that this can be used two days straight to charge a phone without worrying about losing power.

Given this capacity, this power bank is perfect for Samsun Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 830. Check out your phone or device if it is 2200 or lower to make sure that this power bank is ideal for your use.


With its 1A input current capacity, it would take around three hours to fully charge this power bank which is actually fast considering the power output it can give to your devices.

The Explorer has a 1A output current capacity. This means that it can charge a mobile phone with the same power capacity at around 2.2 hours.


Considering that it has been specifically designed for outdoor use, this power bank is definitely very easy to carry around wherever you go. However, because of its design, it can be awkward to carry it around for office or any urban use.


The Explorer has a 1 ¼ inch width and ¼ inch height imprint area which is actually ample space for a standard logo for every company. This means that there is enough space to work if you intend to purchase this portable charger to be used as promotional power banks.

There is also a small space at the base of the gadget which could also be used if you opt not to make the design too visible. However, this portion of the power bank is not really an ideal location to place a company’s logo especially if the gadget is intended to be used as custom promotional products.

It also only comes in black so make sure to do some adjustments if your design is a little bit dark.

Overall Rating:

This is actually an average power bank. If used daily, it might not be very outstanding compared to other power banks that offer much bigger power capacity and charging speed. However, this one is ideal for outdoor use considering its design and additional flashlight feature.

Purchase the Basecamp Explorer Power Bank here.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.


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