Bernoulli Power BankFirst Impressions

When I took the Bernoulli promotional power bank out of its box, I was impressed. The exterior is a rounded, smooth aluminum and looks great. It is just under four inches long and just over one inch in diameter and fits perfectly in my hand. The bottom of it has a bunch of suction cups (more on this later). It also comes with a carrying strap (more on this later as well).

Charging Time

As you are supposed to do with a new power bank, I plugged it in to fully charge it before the first time I used it. When I plugged it in, a red light turned on at the end of the power bank. After two hours and forty five minutes the light changed to green, indicating that charging was completed. The average charging time for the Bernoulli power bank from all the way empty to all the way full, was four hours and thirty two minutes, which is longer than many other 2,200 mAh power banks. This is because its’ input current is only .5A as opposed to .7A or 1A which many power banks this size have.

Phone Charging

I, once again, used my 2,600 mAh Samsung Galaxy S4 as the test phone. The first time I charged my phone using the Bernoulli branded power bank, the power bank died after one hour and fifteen minutes. In this time, it charged my phone from dead to 88%. I was impressed, as this is great for a 2,200 mAh power bank. The other times that I charged my phone, it took an average of one hour and twelve minutes to charge the same 88% before the power bank was finished. Also, as the Bernoulli was charging my phone, a blue light came on to indicate is was charging something.

UL Rating

This power bank has a UL certified component – the lithium ion battery part. This means that just the battery, not the completed device, has been certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) as having passed the standard for such a component.

Other Features

The bottom of the Bernoulli has eighteen suction cups in two rows of nine each. These suction cups will stick to the back of a phone or tablet and can be used as a phone stand, to prop the phone up (to watch videos…). I used the suction cups to stick the power bank on a metal filing cabinet as it was charging in my office so that I could see when the red light changed to green, getting the most accurate charging times.

The Bernoulli also comes with a carrying strap. The cool part of the strap is that the part that loops over your wrist is, in fact, the charging cable. That’s right – one end is a micro USB and the other end is USB 2.0 A.  This is great because you do not need to worry about carrying an extra cable with you as it is comes with the power bank.

Promotional Value

The standard decorating method on the Bernoulli power bank is laser engraving. This gives a very nice and subtle look, especially on the silver aluminum.


The Bernoulli promotional power bank is a great little power bank. I feel that the fact that it takes longer to charge itself is more than made up for by having a built in cable/carrying strap and phone stand. Plus, I usually charge my power banks when I first get into the office in the morning and will be around for a while, so the extra time does not make a difference to me.

Bonus Fun Fact

Daniel Bernoulli was a physicist and mathematician, born in Switzerland in 1700. He is most known for discovering the Bernoulli Effect, which, among other uses, is used as the mathematical reason as to why an airplane’s wings provide lift.

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