Picture Showing an Array of Promotional Products Supporting Breast Cancer AwarenessPromotional products are any manner of items imprinted with a company’s logo and information. This can include a normal branded bag or promotional power bank as well as crystal awards for performance and all sorts of uniforms.  Companies use promotional products for many different types of programs. These can include business gifts, brand awareness, and employee appreciation and motivation.

As business gifts, the company will distribute promotional items to current clients which shows the client that his or her business is valued.  As brand awareness, a company might give out items at trade shows to build booth traffic or at meetings with potential future clients.  Promotional products may also be used to show appreciation to employees. This can be at the company’s summer barbecue, as part of an employee referral program, or as a welcome gift for new employees.

However they get used, the industry is booming with more than 20 billion dollars in sales a year. You ask – why? Well…

According to studies by the PPAI, the reaction to receiving a branded promotional product is phenomenal. Eight out of ten people will research the brand and 83% are more likely to do business with the company. Try getting those types of responses from a thousand dollar, thirty second ad on a local television station or a $100,000 ad on a national station.

Not only that, but promotional products are the most effective form of advertising to prompt an action from the receiver. More people will respond to a call-to-action from a company branded giveaway than from a print, television, or online ad. How many people see an advertisement in a newspaper and think “Let me go to my go to my computer and see what this company’s twitter page looks like”?

According to the same study (which can be found summarized here), the top three reasons why people keep logoed items are that the product is functional, fun, and trendy.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

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