Did You Know…?

If you are a scientist, you probably noticed already the theme we used in Physics Rockstarsnaming our power banks.  If you are not a scientist, we named our power banks for well known scientists.  We feel that we really owe our appreciation to these great inventors that technology is so advanced and that it continues to advance at such a great speed.  In one form or another, a large number of these scientists are responsible for the amazing technology at our fingertips which makes our lives easier.  In appreciation to these historical greats, we thought we would share some fun facts about some of these men and women.  If you would like to share a favorite fact about any of our scientists, send it here, and we may add it to our next blog with fun facts.

Henry Cavendish

Henry Cavendish was an English chemist and physicist, perhaps most known for his work with hydrogen. He was the first the recognize it as its own distinct element.

Additionally, he performed the Cavendish Experiment, which was the first time that gravity was measured. It was also the first time that someone calculated a weight for planet Earth. His work in the late 1700’s was very accurate for its’ time. The calculation he made for the weight of earth is within one percent of the weight which is accepted nowadays.

Cavendish was a very shy person, and generally only spoke to his friends within the scientific community. This led to much of his work not being published.

Leonhard Euler

Leonhard Euler was among the greatest mathematicians ever. He graduated from university when he was 16 with a Masters in Philosophy. Euler’s father, a pastor, wished for him to follow in his footsteps, but Johann Bernoulli, one of the greatest mathematicians at the time, recognized Leonhard’s potential and convinced his father to allow him to study under Bernoulli.

And it was not for naught. In 1984, Clifford Truesdell, a science historian, wrote that nearly one third of all of the research on mathematics and engineering mechanics from the 1700’s is to be attributed to Euler.

In 1734, he solved a math problem which had first been posed in 1644. It is known as the Basel Problem, and I am not even going to attempt to write what it is about. He was twenty-eight at the time and this made him famous in the mathematical world.

Another one of his great contributions to the world of science is applying the Latin letter π (pi) to the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its’ diameter (3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706798214808651328230664709384460955058223172535940812848111745028410270193852110555964462294895493038196442881097566593344612847564823378678316527120190914564856692346034861045432664821339360726024914127372458700660631558817488152092096282925409171536436789259036001133053054882046652138414695194151160943305727036575959195309218611738193261179310511854807446237996274956735188575272489122793818301194912983367336244065664308602139494639522473719070217986094370277053921717629317675238467481846766940513200056812714526356082778577134275778960917363717872146844090122495343014654958537105079227968925892354201995611212902196086403441815981362977477130996051870721134999999837297804995105973173281609631859502445945534690830264252230825334468503526193118817101000313783875288658753320838142061717766914730359825349042875546873115956286388235378759375195778185778053217122680661300192787661119590921642019893809525720106548586327886593615338182796823030195203530185296899577362259941389124972177528347913151557……).

David Brewster

Sir David Brewster was a British inventor and astronomer. His main area of study was optics. He is perhaps best known for his invention of the kaleidoscope.  His kaleidoscope concept was stolen and manufactured before his patent was granted. As such, despite its’ popularity, it did not do much for him financially.  ???

He also built a stereoscope which is sort of the original 3D glasses. There is controversy as to who the inventor of the stereoscope was. Although Brewster agrees that it was not him, he maintained that the inventor was a teacher of his from Edinburgh named Mr. Elliot. Almost everyone else believes that the true inventor was Charles Wheatstone.

Brewster is also known for his work on the modern day lighthouse. He was knighted in 1832 by William the Fourth of Great Britain.

Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman was an American physicist. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and that Brooklyn accent stayed with him through his life. It was so strong that several of his close friends said that he spoke like a “bum”.

He is well known for his work on The Manhattan Project, where he was in charge of safety procedures for handling uranium. Through his work on this, he met Niels Bohr, an older and more famous physicist of the time. Bohr often wished to speak physics with Feynman one-on-one, although most of the other physicists at the lab did not have that opportunity. It was revealed later that the reason for this was that the others had much respect for Bohr and were “starstruck” to be speaking with him. Feynman on the other hand, said that he respected Bohr as much as the next guy, but once he started speaking physics, he was in his element and didn’t care about details like that, and thus was able to carry on a conversation.

In 1979, Omni Magazine named Feynman “The Smartest Man In The World”. When his mother heard this she said “Our Richie? The world’s smartest man? G-d help us!” He died in 1988. His final words were “I’d hate to die twice. It’s so boring.”

Feynman Promotional Power Bank Review

Initial Thoughts

My first observation when I opened the Feynman promotional power bank, was that Feynman Promotional Power Bankit was large. It is nearly 8” x 4”! Then I realized that this feels like a well built, quality piece. Both sides are covered in a rubberized material, giving it a great feel.

There are six ports on the Feynman, three input and three output ports. The three input ports are: Micro USB, USB – Type C, and Apple lightning, meaning that you can charge the Feynman with any one of these three cables. There are two 2A outputs and one 1A output, for charging multiple devices at the same time.  I really like that each port is labeled on the bottom of the power bank so that the labeling does not distract from your logo which is printed on the top.

Charging Time

Once I had finished jotting down my initial thoughts on the Feynman, I plugged it in for the first time to get it fully charged.  As I first plugged it in, two of the four lights came on and were solid, while a third light began flashing. Five hours and five minutes later the fourth light stopped flashing and all four were solid, indicating that the power bank was fully charged. After it was discharged, it took roughly eleven hours to recharge to capacity.

Phone Charging

From a full charge the Feynman is able to charge my 2,600 mAh Samsung Galaxy S4 an average of 7.25 times before it is out of juice.  Charging the phone to 95% took just under 1.5 hours.  Additionally, I charged it only partially, several times. For example, in forty five minutes it charged my phone from seven percent to sixty seven percent. Another time, it only took one hour to bring my phone from a thirty percent charge to ninety seven percent.

It can also charge tablets. As with phones, the amount of charges you can get from it depends on your tablet. (If you have the new iPad Pro 10.5”, for example, the Feynman will be able to charge its 8,100 mAh battery more than two full times.)

UL Rating

The lithium ion battery in the Feynman has passed the UL standards for batteries.  Being UL rated is always good.  It indicates that a non-interested third party has tested the product to meet certain safety requirements.

LED Lights

There are four lights which show the charge level of the power bank. They light up when the power bank is either being charged or when it is charging a device. Additionally, there is a button next to the lights which will turn on these indicator lights when not in use so you can make a quick assessment of about how much capacity remains. Each light represents one quarter of the Feynman’s battery life.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of these indicator lights on such a high capacity power bank. Since each light represents 25% capacity, if two lights are on, the Feynman has anywhere from 25%-49% capacity remaining which represents 5000-9999 mAh.  That is really a wide range of capacity. It is very general.  I would prefer a digital display (as on the Mega Millikan) or more indicator lights but they didn’t consult me when designing this power bank.

Promotional Value

Promotionally, this is a great option.  There is a nice large 4” x 2” imprint area on the Feynman branded power bank.  A large imprint area means large impact and that it can be easily read from a distance.   And don’t forget, the Feynman can be upgraded to include a full color imprint for an even greater effect.


This is not a power bank which you keep in your pocket to charge your phone while you are jogging. It is a power bank which you bring on a weeklong hiking trip to keep your GPS tracker and phone charged. Others might use it in their office if their surge protector has no available outlets left and they go through their phone battery daily. Or if you are constantly using your phone or tablet and are on the move a good chunk of the day, you would definitely appreciate its features.  It is a well built, quality power bank.

Fun Fact

In 1979, Richard Feynman, this power bank’s namesake was named “The Smartest Man In The World” by Omni Magazine. According to www.feynman.com, a website dedicated to this American physicist who worked on The Manhattan Project, upon hearing this, his mother said “Our Richie? The world’s smartest man? G-d help us!”.

Joe the Plumber: A Case Study

Image of Guilford Plumbing Supplies Warehouse

OK everyone. Gather in; it’s story time.  (Settle in. We’ll get to the power bank part eventually. Also, spoiler alert, it’s a happy story, full of success.  And yes – this is a case study of the usefulness of promotional power banks.)

We have a friend. Let’s call him Joe. Joe the Plumber.

Ever since Joe was a kid, he had dreamed of being a plumber. While others in his class wanted to be policemen, firefighters, or dinosaurs, his answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was “A plumber.”

During high school, Joe was introduced to the right people and during the summers after sophomore and junior years, he worked for a friend in the plumbing business. During his senior year in high school, he apprenticed on the weekends with a Master Plumber who taught him even more.

After nearly five years, he accumulated enough hours of training to apply for his Journey Plumbers license. He passed that test with flying colors and was now a Journeyman.

Two years from the day that he got his Journey License, after more than the requisite nearly four thousand more hours of work, it was the big day. Joe could finally take the test to become a Master Plumber. And he did. For Joe, it was like a lifelong dream come true. Mostly, because it was a lifelong dream come true.

And then Joe was on his own. He started his own plumbing company and was having a grand time. His clients loved him. He was doing what he loved, for himself.

A year and a half later, he realized that he was too busy to take care of all of his clients on his own. So he hired an employee.

This turned out to be a great business decision, and less than a year later Joe hired two more plumbers and bought two more trucks. Six years after he started his own company, he had more than a dozen plumbers working for him plus an office staff of three.

And through all of this expansion, Joe kept on loving plumbing. He was out every day on the jobs getting his hands dirty. He was out meeting the customers; advising his employees and making sure that people were pleased with his company’s work. All his employees knew that they could rely on Joe to give them the guidance they needed on any job. He was that good – he knew plumbing.

As you can imagine, Joe made it a point to figure out how to use technology to his best advantage. Joe made sure that each employee had a phone and a tablet. The phones were to respond to calls as they came in. The tablets enabled the employees to dynamically update their schedules – whether a job was completed early or needed extra time – they could make adjustments to their blocked out time. As they updated their progress, it enabled the office staff to readjust assignments as needed.

Things were going really well. There was just one challenge – it was not uncommon that by mid-afternoon Joe and his employees were running low on power on their devices. It wasn’t all the devices every day, but it was enough to cause a disruption to the flow of the company a few times a month. This didn’t sit well with Joe. So he went out to get car chargers so that the employees could keep their devices charging in their service vehicles. But that was only half a solution – if the employee was low on power and he needed to go into a client’s house, he was stuck. So Joe went on line to order some off the shelf power banks to provide backup power for his employees. But while searching for a choice he felt would be suitable, he stumbled on the idea of getting branded power banks and found this really cool company called promopowerdepot.com with a great selection of power banks. He realized as long as his employees were carrying around power banks they might as well get some extra exposure of their name.  After talking to one of PPD’s expert customer service reps, he selected the Boyle Promotional Power Bank.  It provided enough power for his employees to get a charge for both their phones and tablets and yet it wasn’t overly bulky.

This was the solution which Joe really needed and things were going swimmingly. And then an interesting thing started happening. Clients were noticing the employees with the power banks and started mentioning how they were constantly running out of power and it would be great if they could have a promotional power bank so they could make it through day. Well, Joe had trained his employees to be sensitive to the needs of the clients and they came back to the office at the end of the day requesting extra power banks for the clients. Joe liked the idea but not at the price point of the Boyle.  So he went back to Promo Power Depot and found the Bernoulli Branded Power Bank which was a great entry level power bank. It was small and compact, yet provided 2,200 mAh output.  It was sufficient to be a great tool for the clients, but didn’t break the budget.

Something amazing started to happen. Plumber Joe was getting more phone calls. It seems that more and more people were seeing the name Joe the Plumber when shopping, eating out, or going to the ball game. Joe decided that it had been a worthwhile investment – his employees never lost contact with the office and business was booming and growing.

The moral of the story is that it might be time to consider branded power banks from Promo Power Depot!

Awesome Built-In Features

Galilei Promotional Power Bank with Extra Feature to Jumpstart a CarTop 10 uses for promotional power banks:

  • Door Stop
  • Toast your bread (a small piece)
  • Prop up your car when no cinder blocks are available
  • Building blocks for your 3 year old
  • Provide an extra jolt of energy to your Frankenstein creation
  • Warmup weights before you do a bench press.
  • Paperweight
  • Straight edge for making lines
  • Hockey puck
  • Running weights


No, but seriously, check out these 10 additional functions that come built into some of our branded power banks.


  1. Selfie Stick: Our Cramer Power Bank is built into the handle of a selfie stick. Use the selfie stick to take pictures or record your adventures, and when the battery gets too low, simply plug it in to the UL listed 2.200 mAh power bank. The power bank can be used while attached to the stick or detached and used anywhere.
  2. Speaker: We have several power banks that fit into this category, ranging from the Marconi Power Bank, which looks like a normal, entry level power bank, to the High Sierra® Lynx, which is IP66 rated, meaning it is dustproof and waterproof, basically bulletproof.
  3. Phone Stand: This is another category which has several variations, including the Dewar Power Bank which, in its normal state, is a very slim power bank. To use as a phone stand, you simply flip up one end of it which creates a cradle to support your phone.
  4. Flashlight: We carry over a dozen power banks which have a built in flashlight. I would have to say that my favorite is the Mega Watt Power Bank, which not only has a flashlight, but can also charge my phone nearly four full times, as well as the ability to charge a tablet. Kinda Awesome!
  5. Jump Start Cables: The Galilei Power Bank is a great backup charger with a very unique feature. It has the ability to jump start your car in addition to your phone.
  6. Pen/Screen Cleaner/Stylus: The Higgs Power Bank is a tiny little charger about the size of a pen. Actually, it is exactly the size of a pen. This is not only a great emergency power source, but is also useful for writing (on paper or on your screen) as well as to clean your screen of all smudges.
  7. Auto Safety Kit: The Bohr Power Bank makes a great giveaway for car dealerships. Not only can its 5,200 mAh battery charge most phones multiple times, it also has safety tools for car emergencies. It includes a flashlight, a seatbelt cutter and a safety hammer to break a car’s window.
  8. Magic 8 Ball: Our Zeeman Promotional Power Bank is interactive. Ask it a question, and push a button to have the Zeeman give you an answer.
  9. Alarm Clock: The van der Waals Power Bank has an LED display screen with multiple features. Not only will it let you know what percentage of the battery is left, it will also show you the date and time and even let you set an alarm.
  10. Tablet Case: We currently carry three power banks that are built into a tablet case/portfolio. You can easily secure your tablet in a case and have it charge while still being protected. Depending on the option you choose, it may also come with a pad of paper, extra pockets for cards or papers, and a stand built in.

Common Imprint Methods

Now that we have provided background regarding items to consider when submitting artwork, let us learn about some imprint methods.

Screen Printing

Screen printing starts with us making a screen which will be used to print your artwork directly onto your power bank.  The screen is a fine mesh which is coated with a light sensitive emulsifier.  When the emulsifier is exposed to light, it congeals plugging up the holes in the mesh.  Classically a piece of film is created with the design to be printed.  This film is laid against the screen and exposed to light.  The design on the film blocks light from passing through while the area where there is no design on the film is clear and allows light to pass through.    The area which is exposed to light hardens.  The rest of the emulsion coating is washed away and you have the design for printing embedded into the screen.  Any place that the emulsion has been washed away is the screen mesh which will allow ink to pass through while printing.

The actual screen printing is pretty automated.  The power bank to be printed is placed in position and the screen lowers onto the power bank.  A squeegee pulls ink across the screen and the open part of the mesh allows the ink to flow through onto the surface of the power bank.  Voila – a beautiful imprint.  Does your design have more than one color?  If so, we would create additional screens and repeat the print process for the extra colors.  The final step is to send the power bank through a dryer to cure the ink to ensure a stable imprint.

If your design has half-tones or gradients (see our artwork blog) or more than one color, screen printing will be one of the more likely imprint methods.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is most commonly used on metal products.  The power bank is placed into a specially designed fixture to hold it in place.  The fixture is positioned under the laser. The artwork is programmed into the machine’s computer.  Then, the laser is turned on to trace the design as programmed.  This melts the top layer of the power bank and the engraved area is now your logo. The (now) promotional power bank is wiped down and sent to the next step.

The laser engraving provides a more elegant finish.  The actual color of the engraving will depend on the construction of the power bank.  Many metal products have an additional top layer of metal providing a finished color.  If the color of the outer layer and the base color of the product are different, then there will be some contrast to the engraving.  If the colors of the top layer and the base product are the same, the finished effect will be tone-on-tone.

If your design has more than one color or half-tones or gradients in it, you will not be able to duplicate the design with laser engraving.

Pad Printing

The first step in pad printing is actually laser engraving.  We start by lasering your logo onto a metal plate.  Classically, this was done by chemically etching the plate.  Either way, the finished plate will have the intended logo etched out.  Next, we apply ink onto the plate to fill the etched area immediately prior to the pad arriving to pick up the ink and to transfer it to your power bank.  The pad is soft and flexible and is therefore suitable for transferring ink to a variety of surfaces.  For instance, a pen has a curved surface – the pad will conform to the shape of the pen as it deposits the ink for imprinting onto the substrate.

As with a laser imprint, a design which has gradients or more than one imprint color cannot be printed using pad printing.

Finishing Up

At the completion of each of these steps, the branded power bank and its logo is inspected one final time before being packed up and shipped off to you.

Bernoulli Promotional Power Bank Review

Bernoulli Power BankFirst Impressions

When I took the Bernoulli promotional power bank out of its box, I was impressed. The exterior is a rounded, smooth aluminum and looks great. It is just under four inches long and just over one inch in diameter and fits perfectly in my hand. The bottom of it has a bunch of suction cups (more on this later). It also comes with a carrying strap (more on this later as well).

Charging Time

As you are supposed to do with a new power bank, I plugged it in to fully charge it before the first time I used it. When I plugged it in, a red light turned on at the end of the power bank. After two hours and forty five minutes the light changed to green, indicating that charging was completed. The average charging time for the Bernoulli power bank from all the way empty to all the way full, was four hours and thirty two minutes, which is longer than many other 2,200 mAh power banks. This is because its’ input current is only .5A as opposed to .7A or 1A which many power banks this size have.

Phone Charging

I, once again, used my 2,600 mAh Samsung Galaxy S4 as the test phone. The first time I charged my phone using the Bernoulli branded power bank, the power bank died after one hour and fifteen minutes. In this time, it charged my phone from dead to 88%. I was impressed, as this is great for a 2,200 mAh power bank. The other times that I charged my phone, it took an average of one hour and twelve minutes to charge the same 88% before the power bank was finished. Also, as the Bernoulli was charging my phone, a blue light came on to indicate is was charging something.

UL Rating

This power bank has a UL certified component – the lithium ion battery part. This means that just the battery, not the completed device, has been certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) as having passed the standard for such a component.

Other Features

The bottom of the Bernoulli has eighteen suction cups in two rows of nine each. These suction cups will stick to the back of a phone or tablet and can be used as a phone stand, to prop the phone up (to watch videos…). I used the suction cups to stick the power bank on a metal filing cabinet as it was charging in my office so that I could see when the red light changed to green, getting the most accurate charging times.

The Bernoulli also comes with a carrying strap. The cool part of the strap is that the part that loops over your wrist is, in fact, the charging cable. That’s right – one end is a micro USB and the other end is USB 2.0 A.  This is great because you do not need to worry about carrying an extra cable with you as it is comes with the power bank.

Promotional Value

The standard decorating method on the Bernoulli power bank is laser engraving. This gives a very nice and subtle look, especially on the silver aluminum.


The Bernoulli promotional power bank is a great little power bank. I feel that the fact that it takes longer to charge itself is more than made up for by having a built in cable/carrying strap and phone stand. Plus, I usually charge my power banks when I first get into the office in the morning and will be around for a while, so the extra time does not make a difference to me.

Bonus Fun Fact

Daniel Bernoulli was a physicist and mathematician, born in Switzerland in 1700. He is most known for discovering the Bernoulli Effect, which, among other uses, is used as the mathematical reason as to why an airplane’s wings provide lift.

All About Artwork

There are many methods of decorating promotional power banks and other products with your logo. These include screen printing and laser engraving. Today, I’ll write about the first step we take irrespective of the decorating process.

Vector VS. Raster

Regardless of the chosen method, we start by reviewing the submitted art. The first step for most basic artwork is to make sure that it is in vector format. “What is that?” you ask. Good question. Let’s start with the raster format.

A raster image is basically a finite bunch of dots (pixels) that join together to make a picture. Common raster image files will end in .png, .jpeg, or .tif.  Since the picture is built using dots, if you were to take the image and enlarge it, it will look pixelated or grainy. In some instances, when the image starts off with a high enough resolution (at least 300 dots per inch (dpi) at size), we will be able to use the file.

Conversely, a vector image is created using a formula, rather than dots. As such, you are able to increase or decrease the size of the image as needed, without compromising the quality of the picture. The most common vector files will end with a .ai, .pdf, or .eps. It is this vector format that we generally require for printing.   Your graphic artist should also take care to convert any fonts to curves.

A Note on Extensions

Be careful – just because the file extension say .ai or .eps does not mean that it is in vector format.  It could be that someone had a raster image and saved it with a .eps extension.  A former colleague used to explain that if you would put a cat in a box and label the outside of the box “dog,” it does not change the cat into a dog.  If you have a bitmapped image and label it .ai on the outside, it does not change the graphic into a vector format.

Adjusting A Logo for Imprint Area

It is common that logos are designed to look cool and to wow people and many designs are truly attention grabbing.  Usually, these designs are pretty easy to reproduce in print on paper and posters.  Taking the same logo and applying to a promotional power bank is not always so easy.  For instance, I was just sent a logo which was 1” high and the text in the design was probably less than .25” and the client wanted to imprint the same design on an item with an imprint height of .25”.  The text is simply not legible at that small size.  It would even be difficult to make out some of the basic elements of the design at the .25” height.

Gradients & Half Tones

Another challenge when imprinting on logoed gifts is gradients.  Many times you see a design that fades from light blue to dark blue.  That changing of the color is called a gradient.  Half-tones are similar to gradients.  A gray could be a gray ink or it could be composed of printing every other spot (50%) of black.  If you imagine a piece of graph paper which has finer lines every 1/16” and you fill in a full square inch in black.  You will have a black box.  Now take that same square inch and fill in every other box of the grid – it will no longer look black but grey.  This is called a half-tone.  Many imprint methods cannot print half-tones or gradients. The best solution is to have a version of your logo which is line art – that is simply solid lines.

Multi Color Imprints

One final area to mention is multi color and full color imprints. The first thing you want to know is that most branded merchandise, including branded power banks, is priced to include a 1 color imprint.  If your design is multi color or full color and can be run in multi-color, there will usually be a run charge for the extra imprint colors.  There are also many imprinting techniques which simply cannot be done in multiple colors.  On the other hand, imprint technology has come a long way and there are many more options for duplicating full color logos on promotional merchandise.


When you place an order with a promotional products specialist, the first thing they should be doing is confirming that the graphic is usable and that it can be printed on the selected item.  Once we have established that the provided art is usable, we move on to one of the methods we will discuss next time.

Graphic showing halftonesGraphic showing gradients


van der Waals Promotional Power Bank Review

First Impressions

van der Waals Promotional Power Bank charging an iPadThe first time I saw the 8,000 mAh van der Waals promotional power bank was at an industry trade show. I thought it was such a cool concept to have a large LED screen that could display a bunch of great things (more on this later) on a power bank, yet when it was off you had no idea that the screen existed. Anyway, once I finally got my hands on one, it was still really cool. At 6.1” x 2.95”, it is rather large, but that is not unexpected for a power bank with an output of 8,000 mAh.

Charging Time

Normally, this is when I would tell y’alls that I plugged it in immediately and give a time that it took to get to full. However, I can’t say that this time, as someone else from the office (who was, apparently, equally as excited about this as I was) got to it while I was out of the office and charged it overnight.

Once it was fully discharged, it took an average of four hours and forty four minutes to reach one hundred percent.

Phone Charging

About fifteen minutes after I plugged my phone in to the van der Waals branded power bank for the first time, I went to check on it. It had not charged at all. This is when I realized that in order to begin charging, you have to press either button “1” or “2”. This tells the power bank which port you are using. This is also the first power bank that I have tested that requires an action to begin charging.

Despite needing to pick an output port, once the first device is charging, as soon as you plug in a second device, it will also start charging.

To charge my phone (a 2,600 mAh Samsung Galaxy S4) took an average of one hour and sixteen minutes to charge it ninety five percent.  The van der Waals – fully charge – was typically able to charge my phone three full times plus at least another quarter. This leads me to believe that although it is marked as an 8,000 mAh power bank, it actually has a capacity closer to 8,400 mAh.

LED Screen

This is the coolest feature of this power bank. The back of the power bank looks like a chunk of black plastic. However, once you plug a device in or press one of the buttons (“1” or “2”, see above) blue LEDs light up. These lights show the percentage of the power bank’s battery that remains. If you press the button again, the date and time show up. Once more, just the time.  Cycle through again, and it will allow you to adjust the time and date as well as set an alarm.

The alarm is a high pitched beep that goes on for approximately thirty seconds. It is not super loud, but it is annoying enough to wake me up.

Promotional Value

At 2.5” x 5.5”, the imprint area on this power bank is rather large. Your logo is sure to get noticed. You may also contact us for details about the availability of four color process imprinting.


The van der Waals is a great promotional power bank. Although, needing to push a button to start charging your device is a minor inconvenience, I feel that the cool factor of the disappearing LED display is well worth the inconvenience of the push button.

Bonus Trivia Round

Johannes van der Waals was a theoretical physicist and won a Nobel Prize in physics in 1910.

Rutherford Promotional Power Bank Review

First Impressions

When I first opened the 4,000 mAh Rutherford promotional power bank, my first thought Rutherford Promotional Power Bankwas that this is an awesome piece. The feature that immediately catches your eye is the solar panel taking up nearly a whole side. In addition, it is lightweight, relative to some of our other power banks the same size.

Charging Time

As usual, I fully charged the Rutherford power bank before using it the first time. Out of the box it took only an hour and a quarter to fully charge, using the USB cable with a wall outlet. Once fully discharged, it took four hours and ten minutes to recharge fully. Charging progress is shown through a series of four lights. When you first plug it in, the first blue light starts flashing. Eventually, this light turns solid and a second flashes. When the fourth blue light stays solid, you know that the Rutherford power bank is fully charged.

Phone Charging

The first time I charged my phone (a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a 2,600 mAh battery) using the Rutherford branded power bank, it took one hour and forty-seven minutes to charge it ninety-five percent. After that, it was able to charge my phone fifty two percent in thirty-seven minutes. On average, the Rutherford was able to charge my phone one full time in an hour and three quarters and the second time it charged between forty-seven and fifty three percent in approximately thirty-five minutes. That seems pretty good for a 4,000 mAh power bank.

To show how much power is left in the power bank, the same four blue lights are utilized in reverse order.

Solar Charging

The Rutherford has a solar panel for charging in sunlight. This is a great option to charge the Rutherford when on the road, but I don’t recommend using the solar panel as the exclusive means of charging it. This is due to the fact that, while it takes only four-ish hours to charge the power bank using a wall outlet, in the sun it takes approximately fifty hours. During the three weeks that I was testing it, it was the middle of the summer and we had nearly fourteen hours of sunlight a day. If I had kept it in the sun the entire time, it still would have taken more than three and a half days to fully charge. If cloudy days are included, it would take even longer to get a full charge.

Several other items I noted about the solar charging abilities:

This power bank was not designed with a carrying attachment. This means that in order to charge it while on a hike, I would need to hold it the entire time in my hand.

The most convenient location to charge the Rutherford promotional power bank in direct sunlight was the dashboard in my car. This leads me to my next issue – the casing is aluminum. The first time I left it in my car was for less than fifteen minutes. Despite this short amount of time, when I got back I was unable to hold it directly due to the heat of the metal. A plastic casing would have solved this issue.

On the other hands, the Rutherford did not require direct sunlight in order to charge. When sitting in a sunlit room, the blue (charging) light would start flashing. However, in the same room with indoor lighting and no sunlight, it would not charge.

Promotional Value

Although the imprint area on this power bank is only .38” x 2”, I feel that it provides a great promotional value. The imprint is right above the solar panel. Every time someone sees the solar panel their eyes will be drawn to the logo right next to it. The uniqueness of the solar panel makes one look at it often, thereby taking in the logo as well.


As a power bank, this is a great, quality, lightweight piece. While the solar charging is a nice feature and certainly adds to its style and uniqueness, it could be improved on. Fortunately, this does not detract from the overall power of this branded power bank.

Functional, Fun, and Trendy? You Got It.

Picture Showing our Cramer Promotional Power Bank Which is Also a Selfie StickTo pick up where we left off: The top three reasons why people keep promotional products are that the product is 1) functional, 2) fun, and 3) trendy.

This brings us to promotional power banks. A company branded power bank hits the trifecta.


Nowadays, one can certainly argue that a power bank is the most functional and practical accessory for portable electronics. On a daily basis, most people in this great country use and/or carry at least one electronic device. Whether on our phones and tablets, our fitness trackers and smartwatches, or our cameras and Bluetooth speakers, nearly everyone will run out of battery at some point today on something. A power bank will be right there for you in your time of need. Functionality? Check.


Imagine, you are at the brand new hipster restaurant in town and you want to show Instagram that you got served your food on a mini bookshelf. Or perhaps, you are tailgating and it is selfie time. However, your phone battery died on the way here because of the GPS using up the battery. Now instead of finding the perfect angle, while everyone else is having a grand time taking pictures you are stuck running around making sure that at least everyone is tagging you. If only you had a power bank handy so you can join in the all the merry-ness… Fun? Check.


Aside from the obvious, that power banks are trending now, there are so many different options when it comes to design and style. You can get power banks to match today’s hottest phone colors, like the Brewster or Stokes promotional power banks. You can get power banks that are fashion accessories or tablet cases. You can even find a power bank which is a selfie stick. Trendy? Definitely.

While company branded items are effective advertising mediums (contact our parent company FLAG), promotional power banks are definitely a top choice in today’s current business environment.  In my last blog, I pointed out that the three top uses of promotional products are as business gifts, for brand awareness and for employee appreciation and motivation.  If looking for a promotional item for any of these purposes, a branded power bank would certainly make a quality choice.

Going to a tradeshow? – bring some logoed power banks for people who stop to talk with you.  Have employees who travel and are on the road frequently?  Power banks will keep them in touch.  Want a classy gift for some special client or employee?  Maybe consider a branded power bank which is also personalized with the recipient’s name.

As an added bonus, by virtue of power banks being so functional, the recipient is sure to use it on a regular basis. Last June, I gave someone a power bank, and when I ran into her yesterday, she reached into her purse and pulled out that very power bank. The repeated exposure which a company receives will always be positive and associated with saving the day.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

The Best Advertising Medium!?!

Picture Showing an Array of Promotional Products Supporting Breast Cancer AwarenessPromotional products are any manner of items imprinted with a company’s logo and information. This can include a normal branded bag or promotional power bank as well as crystal awards for performance and all sorts of uniforms.  Companies use promotional products for many different types of programs. These can include business gifts, brand awareness, and employee appreciation and motivation.

As business gifts, the company will distribute promotional items to current clients which shows the client that his or her business is valued.  As brand awareness, a company might give out items at trade shows to build booth traffic or at meetings with potential future clients.  Promotional products may also be used to show appreciation to employees. This can be at the company’s summer barbecue, as part of an employee referral program, or as a welcome gift for new employees.

However they get used, the industry is booming with more than 20 billion dollars in sales a year. You ask – why? Well…

According to studies by the PPAI, the reaction to receiving a branded promotional product is phenomenal. Eight out of ten people will research the brand and 83% are more likely to do business with the company. Try getting those types of responses from a thousand dollar, thirty second ad on a local television station or a $100,000 ad on a national station.

Not only that, but promotional products are the most effective form of advertising to prompt an action from the receiver. More people will respond to a call-to-action from a company branded giveaway than from a print, television, or online ad. How many people see an advertisement in a newspaper and think “Let me go to my go to my computer and see what this company’s twitter page looks like”?

According to the same study (which can be found summarized here), the top three reasons why people keep logoed items are that the product is functional, fun, and trendy.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

Euler Promotional Power Bank Review


The Euler Promotional Power Bank is our most economical power bank, with a relatively small 2,000 mAh battery. When I first opened up my new Euler, my thoughts were that it was not of great quality. It felt cheaply made and plastic-y. But then again, it is. Keeping this in mind, I proceeded with my examination and testing of it. Size-wise it is very similar to the Watt and Newton branded power banks. I like the rounded shape of it, it fits nicely in my hands and pockets.

Charging Time

When I finished jotting down my initial thoughts, I plugged in The Euler to fully charge it. When I plugged it in, a red flashy light came on.  Fifty-four minutes later, the flashing stopped and the red light was solid. The other times that I charged it from empty to full, ranged from one hour and forty-four minutes to one hour and forty-eight minutes.

Phone Charging

The first time I charged my phone using the Euler promo power bank, it took one hour and three minutes to charge it from 0% to 74%, at which point the power bank ran out of juice. (There is a blue indicator light that comes on while the power bank is charging something.) My phone has a 2,600 mAh battery so the 74% made perfect sense when you factor in that the Euler only has a 2,000 mAh battery and that some energy is lost in the transfer.

The rest of the times that I charged my phone using the Euler, it took just over an hour to charge it just under 75%.

Promotional Value

The imprint area on this promotional power bank is 2.5” x .75”. While not huge, it is more than adequate to show off your company’s name and information. In many instances, it can even fit your complete logo.


Once I got over my first impressions of the Euler promotional power bank, I was actually quite pleased. While it is not the prettiest, does not have the largest battery, and does not feel like it is the best quality, it performed quite well. It was more than enough power to give me that boost to get my phone through the end of the day, without being tied to a wall or computer. Keeping in mind that this is our least expensive option, I feel that it provides a great value for the price.

Find out more about the Euler Promotional Power Bank here.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

Geiger Promotional Power Bank Review

Geiger Promotional Power Bank Review

Distinct Feature

If there is one word to describe this power bank, the most fitting would be “classy”. Standing out is its faux leather exterior which makes it look more like a fashion accessory than a mobile charger. Geirger promotional power bank would definitely be a fitting mobile charger for women who are very particular with how they accessorize. However, other than this feature, will this portable charger be able to deliver?


Other than its outstanding design, it is packed with a lot of standby power with its 8000mAh power capacity. This means that the phone could be used to charge a phone with a 2000mAh power capacity to about four times. Thus, not having any power for a four-day travel will definitely not be a problem with this power bank around.


Aside from its looks and the power it packs, another outstanding feature of the Geiger is its ability to charge devices fast. It has two available ports which means that it is possible to charge two devices at once. And, since both ports have 2.1A output current value, they can charge devices at a much faster rate.

In the same way, the charger can also be charged faster because of its 2A input current value. Thus, for the Geiger which has a power capacity of 8000mAh, it would take around four hours to fully charge this mobile charger. Had it been that the Geiger only had 1A input current value, its full battery charging would take around two hours longer.


There is no doubt that the Geiger is very portable. Aside from being small and light weight despite its big power capacity, it has also been designed to look like a clutch purse which makes it very convenient to carry around. Women, most definitely, will not find it embarrassing or a bother to bring with them wherever they go. Since it also comes in black and blue, this mobile charger is also ideal for men who also want to have trendy portable chargers.


This Geiger is a very ideal choice if companies are looking for custom promotional products. Although its design is already very classy, it can still be further enhanced to include a company’s or organization’s logo and turn it to a custom power bank.

It has a wide space for customized design with its one inch in height and three inches in width imprint area. There will be enough room to place company logos and other custom designs. There are also a lot of colors to choose from. Aside from black and red, it can also come in blue and brown.

Overall Rating

Definitely, this power bank is a catch for a variety of reasons. Its design will definitely be the first reason why this mobile charger is worthy of an investment. However, there is more to this gadget than meets the eye because at the end of the day, it definitely impresses when it comes to its basic function and that is to provide dependable portable power supply simply because it is definitely much more powerful and can charge much faster than many portable chargers in the market.

Purchase the Geiger promotional power bank here.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

Millikan Promotional Power Bank Review

Millikan Promotional Power Bank Review

Distinct Feature

The Millikan power bank is the ideal mobile phone charger that everyone wants to have because of its auto sleep feature. With this in place, the gadget goes on hibernation when it is not in use. This feature can be very helpful for owners of portable chargers who always forget to turn off their gadgets after using. This gives these chargers the capacity to save their stored energy for more worthwhile use. The portable charger also comes with a very handy flashlight that could be used anytime and anywhere.


The power that this mobile charger can offer is very impressive at 6600mAh. Although there might be some power banks that have bigger power capacity, Millikan’s capacity is already enough to sustain more than three days’ worth of standby power needs. And, since it comes with a power indicator, users of this mobile charger will definitely know if this power bank can still serve its purpose or if it already needs to be charged.


The Millikan can also multi-task with its dual output. This means that it will be able to simultaneously charge two devices at once. However, since the outputs do not have the same current value, one being at 1A while the other at 2A, charging time for devices will vary. This is not much of a set-back since all the owner has to do is identify which of the devices would need to be charged faster.

This power bank has also enough power and facility to accommodate tablet charging. Some power banks, although they might have big power capacities, are not capable or do not have the specification to effectively charge tablet devices. The Millikan, however, will definitely be able to deliver on this aspect.


This power bank is also very easy to carry around. Owners do not need to worry about gripping onto this gadget as it fits perfectly well in one’s hand. However, it is also not too small to be overlooked. Although this portable charger may not sit too well with individuals who are more inclined with outdoor activities, it will definitely be a perfect companion in the office.


Going for a more personalized look with this gadget for personal use or as a choice for power bank promotional items will not be a challenge. It has ample space to accommodate logo designs with its one and a half inches in width and height imprint area. And, its white color will never be difficult to match with other shades.

Overall Rating

The Millikan power bank is definitely a wise choice especially that it offers a very useful feature that will ensure that it will be able to deliver. Indeed, the auto sleep function that allows the gadget to hibernate if not used will help extend the mobile charger’s serviceability. Another commendable factor for the Millikan is its big power capacity which allows for more charging power while maintaining being extremely easy to carry around. With all these, there is no doubt that definitely, whether it is going to be for personal use or as power bank corporate gifts, the Millikan will never disappoint.

Purchase the Millikan promotional power bank here.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

Gilbert Promotional Power Bank Product Review

Gilbert Promotional Power Bank Product Review

Distinct Feature

Aside from the standby electricity it packs, the Gilbert power bank comes with a flashlight which is ideal for outdoor activities or everyday lighting needs. However, what makes it very interesting is its auto sleep feature which kicks into effect when the gadget is not in used. This allows the mobile charger to save up on power and make it useful longer. Having this kind of feature is very handy as most people tend to forget to switch off their power bank when they are done using them and, in turn, waste precious power supply for nothing.


Compared to other power banks, this portable charger is relatively powerful with its 6000mAh battery pack which is enough to fully charge three phones with around 2000mAh power capacity. And, if power bank will be used to charge only one device, it could power up a device for three days straight. Since it also comes with an indicator, it will be easy to tell if the Gilbert still has enough power to give.


The downside with this power bank is that it only has one port which has a 1A output current value. This means that it charges devices slowly which can be seen as a shortcoming for those people who are always on the go and need fast power. And, since it only has one port, it can only charge one device at a time which can also be another setback.


In terms of portability, however, the Gilbert power bank is definitely easy to carry around as it is just slightly bigger than the average phone. It has also been designed in a circular manner making it easy to grip and handle when used as a flashlight and it could be hung conveniently as it also comes with a stainless ring.


For those people who are planning to use this as power bank promotional items, they would find it very easy to customize. It has enough space for designs with its less than a quarter of an inch in height and two inches and a half in width imprint area. And, the color black is complementary to almost all colors, thus choosing what to print will not be a problem.

Overall Rating

The Gilbert power bank is definitely a very decent portable charger that is ideal not just as an outdoor companion but also as a dependable power source even while you are in the office. The combination of both the power it can store and its auto sleep feature ensures that it will be a very dependable standby power supply for a long time.

The power it packs is also very impressive considering that it will be good for more than one use making it an ideal companion for those long trips. However, its charging rate can be quite a disappointment considering that everyone is always in the hurry to finish something.

And, all thanks to its spacious imprint area and neutral black color, personalizing this as power bank corporate gifts has become very easy.

Purchase the Gilbert promotional power bank here.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

Poynting Promotional Power Bank Review

Poynting Promotional Power Bank Review

Distinct Feature

With UL certification, this ensures that the power bank can deliver in terms of power and quality. There are a lot of mobile chargers in the market already. However, not all of these are guaranteed safe for use. That is why it is recommended to get power banks that have gone through and have been certified by a certain body or institution for accreditation. And that is precisely what makes the Poynting promotional power bank very reliable. It comes with a UL Certification that attests for its efficiency and durability.

The credibility of Poynting extends beyond power banks as it also markets other gadgets and devices from antennae, modem, power suppliers, and the likes. With this kind of reputation, it will be difficult not to trust this portable charger.


When it comes to power, the Poynting can surely pack much than what other portable chargers can offer with its 8000mAh lithium-polymer power cells. With this energy, it can fully charge most devices with 2000mAh power capacity up to four times. Thus, for trips extending around four days, this portable charger will definitely be a very good companion as it will be a dependable power supply for a variety of devices.


This mobile charger can multi-task. It has two available outputs with one port having a 2.1A output current value while the other has only 1A. However, given that the Poynting will be able to take care of the power needs of two devices at once is already a plus factor.

With its 1A input current value, charging this portable charger would take around 10 hours which can be a little bit long for people who are always on the go. However, this simple setback can be easily solved if the would-be owner would charge this portable power supply overnight. After that, it will already be set to go.


Even with the kind of power it can pack, there is no doubt that the Poyting power bank is very portable. It is slim and could easily fit anywhere. It could even be mistaken for one of its owner’s credit cards! This means that will never be a bother to carry this power bank anywhere.


This mobile charger offers plenty of room for customization especially in including a company’s logo in its imprint areas as it offers two inches in height and five inches in width for designs. It comes in silver and could complement most colors that the personalized design will be in making this portable charger very ideal as customizable corporate giveaways.

Overall Rating

In summary, the Poynting offers all the best features that any power bank should possess. It has a large battery capacity making it a very dependable back-up power supply, very slim design which makes it easy to carry around, and most importantly, it has been tested and accredited to pass high quality standards to ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction and welfare. As customizable mobile chargers, it can be easy to personalize considering its color and the space it offers to accommodate personalized designs.

Purchase the Poynting promotional power bank here.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

UL Certified Power Banks: What Does This Mean?

UL Certified Power Banks: What Does This Mean?

There is definitely more to branded power banks than striving for bigger battery capacity and faster charging rate. Most people believe that as technology progresses, reaching the peak of these two factors would definitely be the goal of power bank manufacturers. It might be true for some, however, most power bank manufacturers are striving for efficiency and credibility. Both of which are the main factors that power bank users are looking for in the portable chargers that they buy.

When these mobile power supply first came out, many people are quite skeptical considering that it offered a new means to access electricity by placing a certain amount of power in a confined gadget. Naturally, it raised curiosity and most specially doubt with regards to safety. It might blow up while being used, some people surmised. This is but just an example of the many considerations that customers have to take into account before buying these gadgets. There is this necessity to ensure that the power bank will not only be able to deliver but is safe to use as well.

To ensure these needs, power bank manufacturers have their products certified by various accrediting institutions that would vouch for the power bank’s specifications and quality. In particular, there is the UL Certification. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories which has been established since 1984 and is present in around 46 countries. UL has taken under its responsibility to test new technologies for safety including these portable chargers.

All the manufacturer has to do is submit a sample of their mobile charger to UL for testing and evaluation. UL has its own set of requirements that the mobile charger has to comply. If the gadget is able to meet these requirements, UL notifies the manufacturer that the product has been certified. However, before the manufacturer can include the UL certification mark, UL has to conduct a follow-up service in which it does regular auditing of the gadget in the very manufacturing site. So long as the manufacturer wishes to include the UL certification mark in its gadget, all of these measures should be complied.

Given these stringent steps on how to secure a certification from UL, there is definitely no doubt that power banks that bear the mark of UL are definitely of god quality.

Thus, if you are planning to get your very own promotional power bank, make sure to check out those that have UL certification.

Newton Power Bank Promotional Product Review

Newton Power Bank Promotional Product Review

First Thoughts

The first thing that I did when I unboxed my brand new Newton promotional power bank, was compare it to some of our other very popular promotional power banks. It is very comparable in size and weight to our Watt Power Bank. The main difference being that the Newton is plastic as opposed to metal. However, it feels like a more quality than the, also all plastic, Franklin Power Bank. Next, I noticed that it has POWER BANK stamped on the back in the plastic. I thought that was interesting. Also, the sticker that says it is UL Certified and has the rest of the technical information about the Newton on it, looks like it was kind of sloppily slapped on there.

Charging Time

Right out of the box, I plugged in the Newton power bank, as you are supposed to do for any of our new power banks. From then it took almost exactly two and a half hours until the indicator light turned from red to green. After charging my phone until the Newton power bank was dead, I started charging it again from 0%. It took from 9:18 am until approximately 1:45 pm, or right around four and half hours for the LED indicator light to indicate that it had fully charged.

Phone Charging

Once the Newton branded power bank was fully charged, I did my first charging test on my Samsung Galaxy S4, which has a 2,600 mAh battery. I first connected the Newton when my phone had 3% of its battery left, at exactly 7:00. This was the first time that I saw the third color of the LED indicator on the gadget being blue, showing that it was charging a device. At 8:28 when I checked the phone it was at 63%. At 10:08, it was at 93% and sometime between then and 10:19 the LED indicator was off, which meant that the charger was completely drained. I was impressed that this 2,200 mAh was able to make such a nice dent in charging my phone. All said, it charged it 90% in just over three hours.

I also wanted to see how long it would take to charge my phone when the phone was not so close to empty. When the Newton was fully charged, I plugged it into my phone which was at 48%. In an hour and ten minutes my phone was at 100%. There was more than enough energy left to charge my old backup flip phone from one bar to fully charged.

Promotional Value

I think that the included key ring is great. I attached it to my key chain and carried around the whole cluster. Not only did I know where it was at all times, I also had multiple people ask me something along the lines of “is that one of those battery thingies on a key chain?” This was the perfect opening to tell people about promopowerdepot.com, the brand that offers rush service and affordable custom power banks, because I knew that they were already interested. (Obligatory, non-review-oriented, plug: imagine the opportunities that could arise for you or your employees or clients… to tell a stranger at the grocery store about your business.)

LED Indicator

There are three different color LED lights to indicate different stages. While this mobile power charger is charging, it is red and it changes to green once fully charged. When it is charging a device the light is blue. My concern about the indicators is that when outside in the sunlight or even inside a well-lit room, the red and blue are very dim. Otherwise, it is a great feature.


Newton Power Bank is UL Listed.


The Newton promo power bank is a great backup battery for your phone. Its small size means that it is easily carried around in your pocket or, for added promotional value, attached to your keychain. Starting at under $7.00, it is a great value, especially for a UL Listed power bank.

Purchase the Newton promotional power bank here.

XOOPAR® Squid Max Power Bank Review

XOOPAR® Squid Max Power Bank Review

Distinct Feature

XOOPAR® Squid Max 5000 MAH is as chic as it is powerful being your power bank promotional product. Distinct to its design is its premium suction cup that could be used to securely attach the power bank at the back of the mobile phone during charging. And while it is attached at the back, it can double as a stand for the mobile phone.

However, will this be enough to swoon customers into buying this gadget for their personal use or as personalized corporate gifts? Let the other specifications speak for themselves.


This is not just an average power bank as it is packed with 5000mAh portable grade A Li-ion rechargeable battery that could be used not just for mobile phones but as well as tablets. However, given its battery capacity, it will not be able to charge tablets as efficiently as it could charge mobile phones.


Its energy capacity might be quite average but its 2.1A output power promises fast device charging. Among its add-on features is overcharge protection which ensures that devices are safeguarded. However, since it only has a 1A input power, recharging this power bank might take a little bit long.


Among the strengths of the Squid Max 5000 its compactness which makes it very portable. It has a slim body and ergonomic design which makes it very easy to carry around. It is also quite very light weight at 115 grams and quite small being 3.7 inches in length, 0.95 inches in width, and 1.7 inches in height. Its size complements its suction design as it can be used as stable support for the device being charged.


Another very likeable feature of the Squid Max 5000 is its lighting panel for the imprint design making the logo shine. This would be a very handy feature if it is going to be used as a custom promotional item because it highlights the logo of the company, thus effectively advertising the company.

The downside, however, is the limited space in the imprint design which is around 1 and 0.40 inches in height and 2 and .25 inches in width. Yet again, this is a small price to pay considering that the power bank packs so much power in such a tiny package.

It comes in gray, gold, red, and silver making it a very ideal choice when planning to custom phone chargers.

Overall Rating

Squid Max 5000 is actually a great deal! It is what every power bank should be about – packed with power in a very portable gadget complete with the chic design and lightened epoxy panel. What more could you ask for?

You may purchase XOOPAR® Squid Max here.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

Product Review: High Sierra® Lynx Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker/Charger

Product Review: High Sierra® Lynx Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker/Charger


High Sierra® Lynx Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker/Charge

Let’s get this straight from the outset. The High Sierra Lynx Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker/Charger is not like our other promotional power banks. It is a dirtproof, dropproof, waterproof, all around awesome Bluetooth speaker that happens to double as an emergency power source. As a speaker, it is like most Bluetooth devices and will work up to ten meters away. It has two four watt audio channels.

As a bonus, and this is where Promo Power Depot comes in, it is a 2,600 mAh power bank. This is enough to charge many phones one full time. Please note that I am writing this in the same manner which we at PPD write all of our branded power bank reviews. I’ll get to everything, but there will definitely be a focus on the power bank aspect.

First Impressions

The High Sierra Lynx comes in a nice, heavy, two piece gift box labeled with the High Sierra logo on it. Inside the box there is of course, the Lynx as well as a USB to micro-USB cable, an AUX cable and instructions. Opening it up, my thought was that this is a heavy power bank (just over a pound). Then I remembered that this is a heavy duty speaker, and as such, the weight is very reasonable. It is made of a solid plastic and wrapped in a protective rubber layer.

The top has six buttons: the Bluetooth connect button (doubles as pause/unpause for music), a button to answer and disconnect a phone call, seek (forward and back), and volume (up and down). One of the ends has a rubber cover. If you open it, you will find the on/off switch, an auxiliary input port (AUX), and the power bank ports. The other end has a (cheap feeling) carabiner for attaching it to a bag, hook or other holdy-thing.

Charging Time

As you are supposed to do with a new power bank, I plugged it in to charge it fully before I first used it. A little red light came on on the front of the speaker while it was plugged in. After two hours and twenty minutes the light shut off, indicating that it was fully charged. Once fully discharged, it took an average of four hours and forty-four minutes to fully recharge it.

Phone Charging

Unlike most of our power banks, in order to use this one you have to turn the device on, your phone will not charge if you simply plug it in.

The High Sierra Lynx was able to charge my 2,600 mAh phone an average of 81%. Each time it took approximately one hour and eleven minutes to charge before the Lynx died.

We do not recommend using this to charge a tablet; it will not charge most tablets even a quarter of the way.


It is as a speaker that this device really shines.  The sound quality is very good. The buttons are large and have their respective functions molded into the rubber cover. The battery life as a speaker is great. It can play music for nearly six hours with the volume up (probably longer it the volume was lower, but does anyone not have the volume on max?).

I made a few phone calls while connected to it. The people on the other end had mixed reviews. One said that I was louder than usual, but my voice was coming through scratchy. Another said he could not hear a difference, and a third person said I sounded far away and there was almost a little bit of an echo.


The High Sierra Lynx Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker/Charger has an IP (International or Ingress Protection) rating of 66 (IP66). For those unfamiliar with this rating system, the first number shows the protection ratings from solids, while the second number shows protection for liquids. In this case, in IP66, the first 6 means that this is completely dust tight (highest possible rating). The second 6 shows that it is protected from strong water jets.

This overall rating of IP66 means that this speaker is perfect for hikes, pool parties, or music while cooking in your kitchen. Splashes from your sink or pool and mud when you slip down the mountain will not affect the speaker’s ability to produce great sounding music. Your phone on the other hand…

Promotional Value

Although the imprint area on this is a rather small diamond, there are a couple of things that it has going for it. Firstly, your company’s logo will be front and center. Every time someone looks to see where the music is coming from, they can see your logo staring back at them. Secondly, on the backside of the speaker, there is another diamond, imprinted with the High Sierra logo. Many companies find success with their logo on the opposite side. In people’s minds, they see your company branded on the same item that has a High Sierra logo, and they equate the high quality of High Sierra with your brand.


This is an excellent, quality Bluetooth speaker and is perfect for use indoors and outdoors. It is great that it has a built in power bank, but it is still definitely best as a backup. If you are looking for a power bank, rather than a speaker, contact our experts and we would be pleased to direct you towards one which will help you accomplish your promotional goals.

To get the awesome High Sierra Lynx for your company, click here.

Basecamp Explorer Power Bank Review

Distinct Feature

The Basecamp Explorer is not just your average power bank promotional product. Among its distinctive features are its flashlight design and function and secure webbed strap for easier grip. These features also make the Explorer ideal for outdoor use. However, even if it goes well with your next camping trip, make sure not to get it all wet as it is not waterproof.

However, more than these unique features, will it really meet expectations as a power bank?


The Explorer has a 2200 mAh power capacity lithium-ion battery. With this kind of storage, it has around 30 hours of available power for a mobile phone, eight hours for an MP3 player, and around five hours for gaming consoles. This means that this can be used two days straight to charge a phone without worrying about losing power.

Given this capacity, this power bank is perfect for Samsun Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 830. Check out your phone or device if it is 2200 or lower to make sure that this power bank is ideal for your use.


With its 1A input current capacity, it would take around three hours to fully charge this power bank which is actually fast considering the power output it can give to your devices.

The Explorer has a 1A output current capacity. This means that it can charge a mobile phone with the same power capacity at around 2.2 hours.


Considering that it has been specifically designed for outdoor use, this power bank is definitely very easy to carry around wherever you go. However, because of its design, it can be awkward to carry it around for office or any urban use.


The Explorer has a 1 ¼ inch width and ¼ inch height imprint area which is actually ample space for a standard logo for every company. This means that there is enough space to work if you intend to purchase this portable charger to be used as promotional power banks.

There is also a small space at the base of the gadget which could also be used if you opt not to make the design too visible. However, this portion of the power bank is not really an ideal location to place a company’s logo especially if the gadget is intended to be used as custom promotional products.

It also only comes in black so make sure to do some adjustments if your design is a little bit dark.

Overall Rating:

This is actually an average power bank. If used daily, it might not be very outstanding compared to other power banks that offer much bigger power capacity and charging speed. However, this one is ideal for outdoor use considering its design and additional flashlight feature.

Purchase the Basecamp Explorer Power Bank here.

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Brewster Promotional Power Bank Review

Brewster Promotional Power Bank

All the Colors of the Brewster Promotional Power Bank

The Brewster. This sleek metal power bank with its subtle machined textured finish gives the feel of quality, durability, and strength. Think Olympic Medal (I’m assuming, I’ve never held one) – cool with awarding winning mass.  It comes in four great metallic colors correlating to today’s hottest phones colors (cough cough mostly you Apple).  This coupled with the Brewster’s round shape make it different than most of the power banks on the market.

Its 2.4A output offers the fastest charge for both phones and tablets, comparable to charging your phone from a wall outlet. Its 6,000 mAh will charge my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 with a 2,600 mAh Battery)two full times and still have enough left over to juice the little flip phone that I forward my office phone to.  Many smartphones have smaller batteries and the Brewster will be able to charge them a full three times (including the Apple iPhones up to the 6). Assuming that you use a 2A output outlet and adapter, the Brewster power bank will take approximately three hours to charge from zero to one hundred percent. (If you charge it from most computers or an adapter with a lower output, it will take longer.)It will be easy to tell when it is fully charged because of its four power indicator lights.

The Brewster power bank is named for the Scotsman Sir David Brewster, who was a physicist, astronomer, and inventor.  His most famous invention is the kaleidoscope, which, interestingly, he did not make money off of, due to an error in the patent filing. Much of his studies were dedicated to optics, so much so that he was known as “The Father Of Modern Experimental Optics.”

Purchase the Brewster promotional power bank to find out how useful, elegant, and durable this product is. It’s an incredible buy.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

Companies Using Promotional Power Banks

What types of businesses use promotional power banks (also known as branded power banks)? Who are they giving them to? What benefit do they see from them? Let us talk about these questions and more…

Many companies with a fleet of vehicles and crew of employees on the road are seeing the benefit of giving their employees power banks. Let us pick a large, regional plumber as an example. This plumbing company owns over 70 vehicles for most of its 200 employees to use on the job. One of the services that they offer is a guaranteed ninety minute response time from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm for real plumbing emergencies (not standard repairs or prevention). In order for this to be feasible, all employees are required to have a mobile phone with them while they are on the clock. The company got custom power banks with their logo on it for all of their employees (even in the office), so that no one could say that his or her phone was dead. The company realized that not only were the employees thrilled with their gift, but every time that a client asked what the power bank was, the employee had an opportunity to explain about their guaranteed response time.

With the holiday season just passed, a lot of retail stores gave out promotional power banks. Some chose to give a nice power bank, such as the Brewster (one of our most popular options), or a gift set, to their most loyal clients. Others chose a more economic option and gave to anyone who made a purchase during December.

Also for the holidays, many schools ordered logoed power banks for distribution to their teachers or students. Construction companies give to their workers who are out at job sites all day. Travel agencies give to anyone who booked with them and cruises give to people who cruised with them.

Another area that in which we have found a lot of organizations using branded power banks is conferences, conventions, expos and symposiums.  Many will include a power bank in their welcome bag distributed to everyone who walks through the door. Others give them as a thank you to their volunteers. There are others still who choose a top of the line option (like the Joule), or one with a special feature (such as a built in speaker or car jump-starter) to give to the VIPs and guest speakers.

Almost any company can think of people to whom they can distribute company-branded power banks. (If you can’t think of a good idea, contact our experts and let them do the thinking for you.) Let us know who your company gave/will give theirs to.



Basic Information on MAH in Power Banks

If you have ever shopped for or even seen a branded power bank in a store orMachine to test battery capacity (mAh) online, you have probably noticed that, in many cases, the mAh is written in the largest letters on the front of the package or in the most prominent position on the product page . But how many people actually know what mAh is and how it should influence your purchasing decision?

mAh stands for milliampere hour. It is used to describe the capacity of the battery or how much charge the battery will hold. The higher the mAh the more charge the battery holds. The more charge that can be stored in the power bank the more charge can transfer to other devices.

When picking out a promotional power bank you should make sure that there is enough capacity to charge any device that you might charge with it. You can check our table for battery capacity on common smartphones and tablets (final question on this faq page). Let us pick the iPhone 7 as an example. Although the battery specs are not listed on Apples’ website, nor could anyone at their customer service number tell me the battery capacity, there are several other websites that I found that all seem to agree that the battery is 1,960 mAh.  Thus, to fully charge the iPhone 7, we would recommend a power bank with at least 2,100 mAh. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with a 9.7” display has a 7,870 mAh battery. To fully charge this tablet we would recommend a power bank with at least 8,100 mAh.

You probably noticed that the power banks that I recommended for each example have a capacity that is slightly higher than that of the sample devices. This is because a small percentage of the energy that is stored in the power bank is used to transfer said energy to the battery in your device.  A fully charged 2,200 mAh power bank will not fully charge a completely depleted phone with a 2,200 mAh battery. It should get it to somewhere in the 90-95% range.

Another item to keep in mind is that for a power bank to charge a battery from 10% to 85% will take a, relatively, much shorter amount of time than to take it from 85% to 100%. It will also use a, relatively, larger percentage of the power bank’s charge.  The best way that I have seen to explain this is something that I read online a long time ago. (You will have to pardon me for not remembering where/from whom I got the example.) If I know that these 100 items will fit into this backpack with no space for anything else, I can quite easily throw 85 or 90 of these items in. However, it is the last 10 or so that I have to spend extra time making certain the first ones are packed neatly so that I can fit these last ones in. It works the same way with the power banks, it can dump most of the charge in quickly, but to get it the final bit, will take longer and is less efficient.

One final note: A common misconception is that the more mAh a power bank has, the quicker it will charge your device. This is not true. The output current is what determines this, but this is a discussion for another time.

Cells and Batteries

Diagram showing parts of cells, which are in a circuit powering a lightbulb

Image courteous of: http://www.qrg.northwestern.edu/projects/vss/docs/power/2-how-do-batteries-work.html.

Cells, often incorrectly used interchangeably with batteries, have three parts. There are two electrodes (electrical terminals) and an electrolyte (chemical medium). The electrodes are called the anode and the cathode and are separated by the electrolyte, which enables the electrical charge to flow between them. The anode is the negative terminal while the cathode is positive. These are the parts that are connected to the electrical circuit.

When multiple cells are electrically connected, the resulting combination is called a battery. A normal cell has a voltage of 1.5 volts. By connecting multiple cells you increase the voltage. As such, batteries will generally be some multiple of 1.5 (3V, 4.5V, 9V…).

Once they are connected, a chemical reaction takes place. Because opposites attract, this reaction causes the (negatively charged) electrons to build up at the (positively charged) cathode, which results in an imbalance of electrons. The electron’s like to rearrange themselves to balance out the imbalance.  The only place for the electrons to go is through the electrolyte to the cathode. However, it is only when a conductive material (metal wire) is connecting the anode and cathode, that the electrons can move through the electrolyte. By completing the circuit, the wire allows the electrons to balance themselves completely by allowing them to flow from the cathode to the anode through the electrolyte as well as back to the cathode through the wire.

Being that the wire is connected to a light bulb or other device the electrons will, while flowing through the circuit, power the light bulb. Let me point out that it would be if you would not have a device (light bulb) in the circuit, this is a short circuit and will cause, at the very least, sparking (not recommended).

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.


What You Should Know About NRTLs and Power Bank Safety

UL, or Underwriters Laboratories, is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), as certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  This means that Picture of registered marks of the different NRTLsUL is an independent,non- government organization, which has been recognized by OSHA to certify many electronic devices and components.  OSHA requires certification on 37 different “groups” or “types” of products that are found in a workplace.  To accomplish this, OSHA certifies around a dozen NRTLs.  These are all private sector, third-party testing facilities that, according to OSHA, have the resources and know-how to perform safety testing and certification on electrical devices.

Each of the dozen or so NRTLs has a unique certification mark or marks, registered with OSHA, to demonstrate that the product, to which the mark is affixed, has met or passed the applicable product safety standards.

The standards to which these devices are held are not developed by OSHA, but rather by a U.S. standards company, such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  ANSI sets the standards for thousands of everyday things (services, systems, processes, and even personnel) by using consensus-based standardization.

Besides for ANSI, there are other organizations which develop consensus based standards. Amongst these companies is UL.   Some of the key standards which UL has developed for batteries are UL 1642, which is used for testing lithium batteries and UL 2054, which is the standard for household and commercial batteries.  As such, MET Laboratories (Baltimore YAY!) might use UL 1642 standards to certify a power bank, but the UL mark would not appear on it. Rather you would see the MET symbol.

Although lithium batteries are not required by OSHA to be certified by an NRTL, you will find that many of our products are certified by UL, ETL, or TüV. Many companies choose to voluntarily have their products certified.  This is because product safety is important to them for several reasons including brand image and liability.  Having a product certified by an NRTL is one way of assuring that the product is safe.

UL, it can therefore be said, has two functions. The first is to develop consensus- based standards. The second is to test products to ensure that they meet the required standards.

Make sure to check out our UL Listed Power Banks, Power Banks with UL Recognized Components, and our products with other certifications.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

What Is Electrical Current?

What is electricity? Put as simply as I can – think of electricity as a type ofelectricty energy.  It can either build up and remain in one place (static electricity) or flow from one place to another (current electricity).

Let us learn a little more about current electricity. Movement of electrons (negatively charged particles of an atom) carries electrical energy from one place to another.  This is called electrical current, which is often shortened to just “current”.   Most people understand that electricity powers their electronics – from their phone and computer to their washer/dryer and car.   But did you know that lightning is also a type of electrical current?   It often occurs when negatively charged electrons (from pieces of ice bumping into each other), settle at the bottom of clouds during a storm. Since opposites attract, positively charged protons build up on the ground below the cloud, trying to make a connection to the electrons. These protons gather in anything that is sticking up from the ground (the closer to their opposite – the negative electrons in the clouds – the better).   Eventually, when the protons climb high enough and the electrons descend low enough, they meet – causing lightning.  Lightning can also occur within a cloud or between multiple clouds.  Of course, the electrical current in your electronic devices lasts much longer than a bolt of lightning.

In order for an electrical current to occur, there has to be a compete circuit.  This is a circle or other loop comprised of conductive materials. When you flip a light switch on, it completes a circuit connecting a source of electricity to a light bulb. Completing the circuit enables the electrical current to flow through the wires and power the light bulb.  When the light switch is off, it breaks the circuit, which prevents a current from running through, and powering the light bulb. The same thing would happen if a rodent would chew through the wire – the circuit would be broken – and no electricity would be able to flow through it.

Electric current is measured in amperes, which are usually called amps, symbolized by A, and are named after Andrè-Marie Ampère.  The number of negatively charged electrons passing through a section of a conductor in one second determines current.  A current of one ampere means that one coulomb (defined as 6.24 x 1018) of charge passes through this section of conductor in one second.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

Smokin’ Hot Premiums

Promo.  The other part of our name.  Our parent, FLAG Enterprises, hascustom-cigar- promo power-bank-b4 been in the promotional products business for over 30 years.  The goal of promotional power banks, or promotional anything really, is to bring visibility and recognition to your brand, be it your company, organization, association, or school.  I have pulled my phone out and had someone ask “what is that attached to your phone?”.   “It’s a portable charger that my company made for a visiting nurses association to give out to their employees, so that they can always be in touch with them even while the employees are on the road.”  This can happen with your company too.  Publicity.  For the cost of a branded power bank.

Add to this the feeling of goodwill towards you and your brand that the recipient will get from having received a super useful item, and most will consider it a worthwhile investment.

The abundance of portable electronic devices, mean that people will always have a need for extra battery power. Power banks are very adaptable.  Many of the items that we carry come with a USB to Micro-USB cable, which can be used to charge most devices that have a Micro-USB port.  For you Apple lovers out there, you can use your own lightning cable.  For those who still have a phone (or gps) with a Mini-USB port you can hook those up as well.  Any cable with a USB type-A plug will fit into our standard power banks.  Every time that someone charges any device with your power bank is a great opportunity to show off your brand’s name in a creative and handy manner.

Starting and Deep Cycle Batteries

In the 1880s another Frenchman, an engineer named Camille Faurrv-battery-bank-b3e, made the lead-acid battery significantly more efficient by redesigning the electrode plates. By increasing the surface area of the electrodes, the battery was able to go longer between recharges. This extra time between charges, and increased recharging capabilities, was great for starting the engines in automobiles. In fact, today, the most common application for lead-acid batteries is in vehicles. Once the battery starts the engine, the alternator takes over and keeps it running.

Automotive, or SLI (starting, lighting, ignition), are also referred to as starting batteries and they are batteries which are intended to release a short burst of energy and then quickly recharge themselves. If one were to repeatedly deep discharge them, it would damage and diminish the capacity of the battery.

Another common type of lead-acid battery is a deep cycle battery. These are found in small electric vehicles such as forklifts, golf carts, and electric bicycles. They are designed for, you guessed it, deep discharge, to supply a low but steady supply of power and then be recharged. They can also be found in boats and RVs powering lights, motors, and appliances.

There is also a type of hybrid battery, a combination of a starting and deep cycle, that is commonly found in boats and RVs. These can deliver a short, strong burst of power and then continually run to power small electronics onboard. Another way that RVs and boats, can be set up is with multiple batteries, one for starting the engine and one or more others to keep appliances and lights running.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

Primary and Secondary Batteries

Primary and Secondary BatteriesBatteries.  They are in so many everyday items. Your phone, tablet, and laptop. Your iPod and your Fitbit. Your watch and your flashlight. Your car and your jet. They are everywhere and yet oddly invisible.  How many of us think about the battery when we turn on our car. I would tend to think that there are not many out there who do.  Until the car doesn’t start one morning.  The one morning that you are running late to your racquetball game.  The coldest morning in the past 14 years.  And of course, it is Sunday, so all of the battery shops are closed (not that this has happened to me).  All of a sudden, we are very conscious of our car’s battery.

We can break batteries up into two groups: Primary and secondary cells. Primary cells are the basic, disposable batteries that I grew up using. They serve their purpose, although they seemed to deplete very quickly with certain uses (I’m talking about you, Game Boy). The downside that I remember was the cost of constantly replacing them. Secondary cells, or rechargeable batteries, are the answer. They have existed since 1859, when , a physicist from France, invented the lead-acid battery. The way this worked was by passing a reverse current through the battery, which undoes the chemical reaction which had caused the depletion.  Although his battery was able to deliver a big, rechargeable current, it could not do so for a long time, being that the dioxide cathode did not have a lot of active material for use in the necessary chemical reaction. It was good however, for applications that required a short burst of powerful electricity.  Lead-acid batteries are still used nowadays by some utility companies to deliver temporary high voltage electricity during times of peak demand to minimize outages.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

Power Drain and Dependency

Power Drain and DependencyWelcome to our blog.  This is my first and best post (so far). Also, this is the first time I am writing since college, so bear with me.

I’m going to start with the basics.  We all use mobile technology. We use our phones and tablets to buy and sell, to read books and watch movies, to listen to music and play games, to connect via text and social media, and some of us still use the phone function. The more popular the device becomes, the more uses for it people will come up with. All of these functions have several things in common. The more people get used to the convenience of being able to do everything from the same place, and having that place be wherever they are at that moment, the more they come to depend on it.  All of this use leads to another thing that all of these applications have in common – the dreaded battery drain.

This blog is dedicated to promotional power banks and branded power banks, the best solution to all of your battery woes, and using them for promotional purposes.  We will discuss technical terms, what to look for, and other tidbits about external power packs, as well as creative ways to use them promotionally.

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