Brewster Promotional Power Bank

All the Colors of the Brewster Promotional Power Bank

The Brewster. This sleek metal power bank with its subtle machined textured finish gives the feel of quality, durability, and strength. Think Olympic Medal (I’m assuming, I’ve never held one) – cool with awarding winning mass.  It comes in four great metallic colors correlating to today’s hottest phones colors (cough cough mostly you Apple).  This coupled with the Brewster’s round shape make it different than most of the power banks on the market.

Its 2.4A output offers the fastest charge for both phones and tablets, comparable to charging your phone from a wall outlet. Its 6,000 mAh will charge my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 with a 2,600 mAh Battery)two full times and still have enough left over to juice the little flip phone that I forward my office phone to.  Many smartphones have smaller batteries and the Brewster will be able to charge them a full three times (including the Apple iPhones up to the 6). Assuming that you use a 2A output outlet and adapter, the Brewster power bank will take approximately three hours to charge from zero to one hundred percent. (If you charge it from most computers or an adapter with a lower output, it will take longer.)It will be easy to tell when it is fully charged because of its four power indicator lights.

The Brewster power bank is named for the Scotsman Sir David Brewster, who was a physicist, astronomer, and inventor.  His most famous invention is the kaleidoscope, which, interestingly, he did not make money off of, due to an error in the patent filing. Much of his studies were dedicated to optics, so much so that he was known as “The Father Of Modern Experimental Optics.”

Purchase the Brewster promotional power bank to find out how useful, elegant, and durable this product is. It’s an incredible buy.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

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