Picture Showing our Cramer Promotional Power Bank Which is Also a Selfie StickTo pick up where we left off: The top three reasons why people keep promotional products are that the product is 1) functional, 2) fun, and 3) trendy.

This brings us to promotional power banks. A company branded power bank hits the trifecta.


Nowadays, one can certainly argue that a power bank is the most functional and practical accessory for portable electronics. On a daily basis, most people in this great country use and/or carry at least one electronic device. Whether on our phones and tablets, our fitness trackers and smartwatches, or our cameras and Bluetooth speakers, nearly everyone will run out of battery at some point today on something. A power bank will be right there for you in your time of need. Functionality? Check.


Imagine, you are at the brand new hipster restaurant in town and you want to show Instagram that you got served your food on a mini bookshelf. Or perhaps, you are tailgating and it is selfie time. However, your phone battery died on the way here because of the GPS using up the battery. Now instead of finding the perfect angle, while everyone else is having a grand time taking pictures you are stuck running around making sure that at least everyone is tagging you. If only you had a power bank handy so you can join in the all the merry-ness… Fun? Check.


Aside from the obvious, that power banks are trending now, there are so many different options when it comes to design and style. You can get power banks to match today’s hottest phone colors, like the Brewster or Stokes promotional power banks. You can get power banks that are fashion accessories or tablet cases. You can even find a power bank which is a selfie stick. Trendy? Definitely.

While company branded items are effective advertising mediums (contact our parent company FLAG), promotional power banks are definitely a top choice in today’s current business environment.  In my last blog, I pointed out that the three top uses of promotional products are as business gifts, for brand awareness and for employee appreciation and motivation.  If looking for a promotional item for any of these purposes, a branded power bank would certainly make a quality choice.

Going to a tradeshow? – bring some logoed power banks for people who stop to talk with you.  Have employees who travel and are on the road frequently?  Power banks will keep them in touch.  Want a classy gift for some special client or employee?  Maybe consider a branded power bank which is also personalized with the recipient’s name.

As an added bonus, by virtue of power banks being so functional, the recipient is sure to use it on a regular basis. Last June, I gave someone a power bank, and when I ran into her yesterday, she reached into her purse and pulled out that very power bank. The repeated exposure which a company receives will always be positive and associated with saving the day.

Stay tuned for more information on branded power banks and promotional power banks.

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