Distinct Feature

If there is one word to describe this power bank, the most fitting would be “classy”. Standing out is its faux leather exterior which makes it look more like a fashion accessory than a mobile charger. Geirger promotional power bank would definitely be a fitting mobile charger for women who are very particular with how they accessorize. However, other than this feature, will this portable charger be able to deliver?


Other than its outstanding design, it is packed with a lot of standby power with its 8000mAh power capacity. This means that the phone could be used to charge a phone with a 2000mAh power capacity to about four times. Thus, not having any power for a four-day travel will definitely not be a problem with this power bank around.


Aside from its looks and the power it packs, another outstanding feature of the Geiger is its ability to charge devices fast. It has two available ports which means that it is possible to charge two devices at once. And, since both ports have 2.1A output current value, they can charge devices at a much faster rate.

In the same way, the charger can also be charged faster because of its 2A input current value. Thus, for the Geiger which has a power capacity of 8000mAh, it would take around four hours to fully charge this mobile charger. Had it been that the Geiger only had 1A input current value, its full battery charging would take around two hours longer.


There is no doubt that the Geiger is very portable. Aside from being small and light weight despite its big power capacity, it has also been designed to look like a clutch purse which makes it very convenient to carry around. Women, most definitely, will not find it embarrassing or a bother to bring with them wherever they go. Since it also comes in black and blue, this mobile charger is also ideal for men who also want to have trendy portable chargers.


This Geiger is a very ideal choice if companies are looking for custom promotional products. Although its design is already very classy, it can still be further enhanced to include a company’s or organization’s logo and turn it to a custom power bank.

It has a wide space for customized design with its one inch in height and three inches in width imprint area. There will be enough room to place company logos and other custom designs. There are also a lot of colors to choose from. Aside from black and red, it can also come in blue and brown.

Overall Rating

Definitely, this power bank is a catch for a variety of reasons. Its design will definitely be the first reason why this mobile charger is worthy of an investment. However, there is more to this gadget than meets the eye because at the end of the day, it definitely impresses when it comes to its basic function and that is to provide dependable portable power supply simply because it is definitely much more powerful and can charge much faster than many portable chargers in the market.

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