Distinct Feature

Aside from the standby electricity it packs, the Gilbert power bank comes with a flashlight which is ideal for outdoor activities or everyday lighting needs. However, what makes it very interesting is its auto sleep feature which kicks into effect when the gadget is not in used. This allows the mobile charger to save up on power and make it useful longer. Having this kind of feature is very handy as most people tend to forget to switch off their power bank when they are done using them and, in turn, waste precious power supply for nothing.


Compared to other power banks, this portable charger is relatively powerful with its 6000mAh battery pack which is enough to fully charge three phones with around 2000mAh power capacity. And, if power bank will be used to charge only one device, it could power up a device for three days straight. Since it also comes with an indicator, it will be easy to tell if the Gilbert still has enough power to give.


The downside with this power bank is that it only has one port which has a 1A output current value. This means that it charges devices slowly which can be seen as a shortcoming for those people who are always on the go and need fast power. And, since it only has one port, it can only charge one device at a time which can also be another setback.


In terms of portability, however, the Gilbert power bank is definitely easy to carry around as it is just slightly bigger than the average phone. It has also been designed in a circular manner making it easy to grip and handle when used as a flashlight and it could be hung conveniently as it also comes with a stainless ring.


For those people who are planning to use this as power bank promotional items, they would find it very easy to customize. It has enough space for designs with its less than a quarter of an inch in height and two inches and a half in width imprint area. And, the color black is complementary to almost all colors, thus choosing what to print will not be a problem.

Overall Rating

The Gilbert power bank is definitely a very decent portable charger that is ideal not just as an outdoor companion but also as a dependable power source even while you are in the office. The combination of both the power it can store and its auto sleep feature ensures that it will be a very dependable standby power supply for a long time.

The power it packs is also very impressive considering that it will be good for more than one use making it an ideal companion for those long trips. However, its charging rate can be quite a disappointment considering that everyone is always in the hurry to finish something.

And, all thanks to its spacious imprint area and neutral black color, personalizing this as power bank corporate gifts has become very easy.

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