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OK everyone. Gather in; it’s story time.  (Settle in. We’ll get to the power bank part eventually. Also, spoiler alert, it’s a happy story, full of success.  And yes – this is a case study of the usefulness of promotional power banks.)

We have a friend. Let’s call him Joe. Joe the Plumber.

Ever since Joe was a kid, he had dreamed of being a plumber. While others in his class wanted to be policemen, firefighters, or dinosaurs, his answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was “A plumber.”

During high school, Joe was introduced to the right people and during the summers after sophomore and junior years, he worked for a friend in the plumbing business. During his senior year in high school, he apprenticed on the weekends with a Master Plumber who taught him even more.

After nearly five years, he accumulated enough hours of training to apply for his Journey Plumbers license. He passed that test with flying colors and was now a Journeyman.

Two years from the day that he got his Journey License, after more than the requisite nearly four thousand more hours of work, it was the big day. Joe could finally take the test to become a Master Plumber. And he did. For Joe, it was like a lifelong dream come true. Mostly, because it was a lifelong dream come true.

And then Joe was on his own. He started his own plumbing company and was having a grand time. His clients loved him. He was doing what he loved, for himself.

A year and a half later, he realized that he was too busy to take care of all of his clients on his own. So he hired an employee.

This turned out to be a great business decision, and less than a year later Joe hired two more plumbers and bought two more trucks. Six years after he started his own company, he had more than a dozen plumbers working for him plus an office staff of three.

And through all of this expansion, Joe kept on loving plumbing. He was out every day on the jobs getting his hands dirty. He was out meeting the customers; advising his employees and making sure that people were pleased with his company’s work. All his employees knew that they could rely on Joe to give them the guidance they needed on any job. He was that good – he knew plumbing.

As you can imagine, Joe made it a point to figure out how to use technology to his best advantage. Joe made sure that each employee had a phone and a tablet. The phones were to respond to calls as they came in. The tablets enabled the employees to dynamically update their schedules – whether a job was completed early or needed extra time – they could make adjustments to their blocked out time. As they updated their progress, it enabled the office staff to readjust assignments as needed.

Things were going really well. There was just one challenge – it was not uncommon that by mid-afternoon Joe and his employees were running low on power on their devices. It wasn’t all the devices every day, but it was enough to cause a disruption to the flow of the company a few times a month. This didn’t sit well with Joe. So he went out to get car chargers so that the employees could keep their devices charging in their service vehicles. But that was only half a solution – if the employee was low on power and he needed to go into a client’s house, he was stuck. So Joe went on line to order some off the shelf power banks to provide backup power for his employees. But while searching for a choice he felt would be suitable, he stumbled on the idea of getting branded power banks and found this really cool company called with a great selection of power banks. He realized as long as his employees were carrying around power banks they might as well get some extra exposure of their name.  After talking to one of PPD’s expert customer service reps, he selected the Boyle Promotional Power Bank.  It provided enough power for his employees to get a charge for both their phones and tablets and yet it wasn’t overly bulky.

This was the solution which Joe really needed and things were going swimmingly. And then an interesting thing started happening. Clients were noticing the employees with the power banks and started mentioning how they were constantly running out of power and it would be great if they could have a promotional power bank so they could make it through day. Well, Joe had trained his employees to be sensitive to the needs of the clients and they came back to the office at the end of the day requesting extra power banks for the clients. Joe liked the idea but not at the price point of the Boyle.  So he went back to Promo Power Depot and found the Bernoulli Branded Power Bank which was a great entry level power bank. It was small and compact, yet provided 2,200 mAh output.  It was sufficient to be a great tool for the clients, but didn’t break the budget.

Something amazing started to happen. Plumber Joe was getting more phone calls. It seems that more and more people were seeing the name Joe the Plumber when shopping, eating out, or going to the ball game. Joe decided that it had been a worthwhile investment – his employees never lost contact with the office and business was booming and growing.

The moral of the story is that it might be time to consider branded power banks from Promo Power Depot!

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