Distinct Feature

The Millikan power bank is the ideal mobile phone charger that everyone wants to have because of its auto sleep feature. With this in place, the gadget goes on hibernation when it is not in use. This feature can be very helpful for owners of portable chargers who always forget to turn off their gadgets after using. This gives these chargers the capacity to save their stored energy for more worthwhile use. The portable charger also comes with a very handy flashlight that could be used anytime and anywhere.


The power that this mobile charger can offer is very impressive at 6600mAh. Although there might be some power banks that have bigger power capacity, Millikan’s capacity is already enough to sustain more than three days’ worth of standby power needs. And, since it comes with a power indicator, users of this mobile charger will definitely know if this power bank can still serve its purpose or if it already needs to be charged.


The Millikan can also multi-task with its dual output. This means that it will be able to simultaneously charge two devices at once. However, since the outputs do not have the same current value, one being at 1A while the other at 2A, charging time for devices will vary. This is not much of a set-back since all the owner has to do is identify which of the devices would need to be charged faster.

This power bank has also enough power and facility to accommodate tablet charging. Some power banks, although they might have big power capacities, are not capable or do not have the specification to effectively charge tablet devices. The Millikan, however, will definitely be able to deliver on this aspect.


This power bank is also very easy to carry around. Owners do not need to worry about gripping onto this gadget as it fits perfectly well in one’s hand. However, it is also not too small to be overlooked. Although this portable charger may not sit too well with individuals who are more inclined with outdoor activities, it will definitely be a perfect companion in the office.


Going for a more personalized look with this gadget for personal use or as a choice for power bank promotional items will not be a challenge. It has ample space to accommodate logo designs with its one and a half inches in width and height imprint area. And, its white color will never be difficult to match with other shades.

Overall Rating

The Millikan power bank is definitely a wise choice especially that it offers a very useful feature that will ensure that it will be able to deliver. Indeed, the auto sleep function that allows the gadget to hibernate if not used will help extend the mobile charger’s serviceability. Another commendable factor for the Millikan is its big power capacity which allows for more charging power while maintaining being extremely easy to carry around. With all these, there is no doubt that definitely, whether it is going to be for personal use or as power bank corporate gifts, the Millikan will never disappoint.

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