Promo Power Depot Announces Launch of New Website Dedicated to Promotional Power Banks

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Promo Power Depot Announces Launch of New Website Dedicated to Promotional Power Banks

Never run out of battery power again! Find the power of PromoPower!

BALTIMORE, MD (January 18, 2017)– Promo Power Depot ( has launched a website dedicated to providing bulk promotional power banks for employee use. Staying connected is a necessity in today’s fast paced business environment. Fleets of all sizes need to provide their drivers and staff with tools to accomplish this. Backup power allows the entire team to remain at peak efficiency even as their batteries lose power.

The brilliance of technology has enabled us to charge our devices using a power source with some variation of a USB cable. Whether a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, productivity is lost when our digital devices have no source of power to reconnect. Employee productivity is directly related to the technology at their fingertips. Without immediate access to battery power, the employees will be out of touch until they find a way to get plugged back in. Providing backup power for drivers is a logical choice for any fleet which relies on their employees being connected wherever they are and at all times.

The need is great. A 2015 study of 1,200 people in six major metropolitan areas by found that people charge their phones multiple times a day. This ranged from 1.6 times a day that residents of Washington DC charged their phones to 2.7 times per day in New York City. To that end, PROMOPOWERDEPOT.COM offers employers a source to purchase company branded power banks to distribute to their valued employees.

Power banks are versatile and easy to use. Any USB cable with which you can charge your device with an AC adapter can also be used with a power bank. Options abound in terms of how much power they can provide, how many outputs are available, colors and additional features.

About Promo Power Depot PROMOPOWERDEPOT.COM is a newly established division of FLAG Enterprises, Inc. ( dedicated to providing promotional power banks for businesses to offer to their employees and clients. FLAG Enterprises has been in the promotional products business since 1986 and is proud of the relationships it has built with its clients. FLAG’s clients keep coming back to them because of their dedication to pleasing clients with a consistent history of quality products delivered in a timely manner. The power bank specialists at PROMOPOWERDEPOT.COM look forward to continuing the proud tradition of strong relationships which FLAG has forged with their clients.

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