First Thoughts

The first thing that I did when I unboxed my brand new Newton promotional power bank, was compare it to some of our other very popular promotional power banks. It is very comparable in size and weight to our Watt Power Bank. The main difference being that the Newton is plastic as opposed to metal. However, it feels like a more quality than the, also all plastic, Franklin Power Bank. Next, I noticed that it has POWER BANK stamped on the back in the plastic. I thought that was interesting. Also, the sticker that says it is UL Certified and has the rest of the technical information about the Newton on it, looks like it was kind of sloppily slapped on there.

Charging Time

Right out of the box, I plugged in the Newton power bank, as you are supposed to do for any of our new power banks. From then it took almost exactly two and a half hours until the indicator light turned from red to green. After charging my phone until the Newton power bank was dead, I started charging it again from 0%. It took from 9:18 am until approximately 1:45 pm, or right around four and half hours for the LED indicator light to indicate that it had fully charged.

Phone Charging

Once the Newton branded power bank was fully charged, I did my first charging test on my Samsung Galaxy S4, which has a 2,600 mAh battery. I first connected the Newton when my phone had 3% of its battery left, at exactly 7:00. This was the first time that I saw the third color of the LED indicator on the gadget being blue, showing that it was charging a device. At 8:28 when I checked the phone it was at 63%. At 10:08, it was at 93% and sometime between then and 10:19 the LED indicator was off, which meant that the charger was completely drained. I was impressed that this 2,200 mAh was able to make such a nice dent in charging my phone. All said, it charged it 90% in just over three hours.

I also wanted to see how long it would take to charge my phone when the phone was not so close to empty. When the Newton was fully charged, I plugged it into my phone which was at 48%. In an hour and ten minutes my phone was at 100%. There was more than enough energy left to charge my old backup flip phone from one bar to fully charged.

Promotional Value

I think that the included key ring is great. I attached it to my key chain and carried around the whole cluster. Not only did I know where it was at all times, I also had multiple people ask me something along the lines of “is that one of those battery thingies on a key chain?” This was the perfect opening to tell people about, the brand that offers rush service and affordable custom power banks, because I knew that they were already interested. (Obligatory, non-review-oriented, plug: imagine the opportunities that could arise for you or your employees or clients… to tell a stranger at the grocery store about your business.)

LED Indicator

There are three different color LED lights to indicate different stages. While this mobile power charger is charging, it is red and it changes to green once fully charged. When it is charging a device the light is blue. My concern about the indicators is that when outside in the sunlight or even inside a well-lit room, the red and blue are very dim. Otherwise, it is a great feature.


Newton Power Bank is UL Listed.


The Newton promo power bank is a great backup battery for your phone. Its small size means that it is easily carried around in your pocket or, for added promotional value, attached to your keychain. Starting at under $7.00, it is a great value, especially for a UL Listed power bank.

Purchase the Newton promotional power bank here.

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