Power Drain and DependencyWelcome to our blog.  This is my first and best post (so far). Also, this is the first time I am writing since college, so bear with me.

I’m going to start with the basics.  We all use mobile technology. We use our phones and tablets to buy and sell, to read books and watch movies, to listen to music and play games, to connect via text and social media, and some of us still use the phone function. The more popular the device becomes, the more uses for it people will come up with. All of these functions have several things in common. The more people get used to the convenience of being able to do everything from the same place, and having that place be wherever they are at that moment, the more they come to depend on it.  All of this use leads to another thing that all of these applications have in common – the dreaded battery drain.

This blog is dedicated to promotional power banks and branded power banks, the best solution to all of your battery woes, and using them for promotional purposes.  We will discuss technical terms, what to look for, and other tidbits about external power packs, as well as creative ways to use them promotionally.

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