Distinct Feature

With UL certification, this ensures that the power bank can deliver in terms of power and quality. There are a lot of mobile chargers in the market already. However, not all of these are guaranteed safe for use. That is why it is recommended to get power banks that have gone through and have been certified by a certain body or institution for accreditation. And that is precisely what makes the Poynting promotional power bank very reliable. It comes with a UL Certification that attests for its efficiency and durability.

The credibility of Poynting extends beyond power banks as it also markets other gadgets and devices from antennae, modem, power suppliers, and the likes. With this kind of reputation, it will be difficult not to trust this portable charger.


When it comes to power, the Poynting can surely pack much than what other portable chargers can offer with its 8000mAh lithium-polymer power cells. With this energy, it can fully charge most devices with 2000mAh power capacity up to four times. Thus, for trips extending around four days, this portable charger will definitely be a very good companion as it will be a dependable power supply for a variety of devices.


This mobile charger can multi-task. It has two available outputs with one port having a 2.1A output current value while the other has only 1A. However, given that the Poynting will be able to take care of the power needs of two devices at once is already a plus factor.

With its 1A input current value, charging this portable charger would take around 10 hours which can be a little bit long for people who are always on the go. However, this simple setback can be easily solved if the would-be owner would charge this portable power supply overnight. After that, it will already be set to go.


Even with the kind of power it can pack, there is no doubt that the Poyting power bank is very portable. It is slim and could easily fit anywhere. It could even be mistaken for one of its owner’s credit cards! This means that will never be a bother to carry this power bank anywhere.


This mobile charger offers plenty of room for customization especially in including a company’s logo in its imprint areas as it offers two inches in height and five inches in width for designs. It comes in silver and could complement most colors that the personalized design will be in making this portable charger very ideal as customizable corporate giveaways.

Overall Rating

In summary, the Poynting offers all the best features that any power bank should possess. It has a large battery capacity making it a very dependable back-up power supply, very slim design which makes it easy to carry around, and most importantly, it has been tested and accredited to pass high quality standards to ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction and welfare. As customizable mobile chargers, it can be easy to personalize considering its color and the space it offers to accommodate personalized designs.

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