High Sierra® Lynx Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker/Charge

Let’s get this straight from the outset. The High Sierra Lynx Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker/Charger is not like our other promotional power banks. It is a dirtproof, dropproof, waterproof, all around awesome Bluetooth speaker that happens to double as an emergency power source. As a speaker, it is like most Bluetooth devices and will work up to ten meters away. It has two four watt audio channels.

As a bonus, and this is where Promo Power Depot comes in, it is a 2,600 mAh power bank. This is enough to charge many phones one full time. Please note that I am writing this in the same manner which we at PPD write all of our branded power bank reviews. I’ll get to everything, but there will definitely be a focus on the power bank aspect.

First Impressions

The High Sierra Lynx comes in a nice, heavy, two piece gift box labeled with the High Sierra logo on it. Inside the box there is of course, the Lynx as well as a USB to micro-USB cable, an AUX cable and instructions. Opening it up, my thought was that this is a heavy power bank (just over a pound). Then I remembered that this is a heavy duty speaker, and as such, the weight is very reasonable. It is made of a solid plastic and wrapped in a protective rubber layer.

The top has six buttons: the Bluetooth connect button (doubles as pause/unpause for music), a button to answer and disconnect a phone call, seek (forward and back), and volume (up and down). One of the ends has a rubber cover. If you open it, you will find the on/off switch, an auxiliary input port (AUX), and the power bank ports. The other end has a (cheap feeling) carabiner for attaching it to a bag, hook or other holdy-thing.

Charging Time

As you are supposed to do with a new power bank, I plugged it in to charge it fully before I first used it. A little red light came on on the front of the speaker while it was plugged in. After two hours and twenty minutes the light shut off, indicating that it was fully charged. Once fully discharged, it took an average of four hours and forty-four minutes to fully recharge it.

Phone Charging

Unlike most of our power banks, in order to use this one you have to turn the device on, your phone will not charge if you simply plug it in.

The High Sierra Lynx was able to charge my 2,600 mAh phone an average of 81%. Each time it took approximately one hour and eleven minutes to charge before the Lynx died.

We do not recommend using this to charge a tablet; it will not charge most tablets even a quarter of the way.


It is as a speaker that this device really shines.  The sound quality is very good. The buttons are large and have their respective functions molded into the rubber cover. The battery life as a speaker is great. It can play music for nearly six hours with the volume up (probably longer it the volume was lower, but does anyone not have the volume on max?).

I made a few phone calls while connected to it. The people on the other end had mixed reviews. One said that I was louder than usual, but my voice was coming through scratchy. Another said he could not hear a difference, and a third person said I sounded far away and there was almost a little bit of an echo.


The High Sierra Lynx Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker/Charger has an IP (International or Ingress Protection) rating of 66 (IP66). For those unfamiliar with this rating system, the first number shows the protection ratings from solids, while the second number shows protection for liquids. In this case, in IP66, the first 6 means that this is completely dust tight (highest possible rating). The second 6 shows that it is protected from strong water jets.

This overall rating of IP66 means that this speaker is perfect for hikes, pool parties, or music while cooking in your kitchen. Splashes from your sink or pool and mud when you slip down the mountain will not affect the speaker’s ability to produce great sounding music. Your phone on the other hand…

Promotional Value

Although the imprint area on this is a rather small diamond, there are a couple of things that it has going for it. Firstly, your company’s logo will be front and center. Every time someone looks to see where the music is coming from, they can see your logo staring back at them. Secondly, on the backside of the speaker, there is another diamond, imprinted with the High Sierra logo. Many companies find success with their logo on the opposite side. In people’s minds, they see your company branded on the same item that has a High Sierra logo, and they equate the high quality of High Sierra with your brand.


This is an excellent, quality Bluetooth speaker and is perfect for use indoors and outdoors. It is great that it has a built in power bank, but it is still definitely best as a backup. If you are looking for a power bank, rather than a speaker, contact our experts and we would be pleased to direct you towards one which will help you accomplish your promotional goals.

To get the awesome High Sierra Lynx for your company, click here.

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