Promo.  The other part of our name.  Our parent, FLAG Enterprises, hascustom-cigar- promo power-bank-b4 been in the promotional products business for over 30 years.  The goal of promotional power banks, or promotional anything really, is to bring visibility and recognition to your brand, be it your company, organization, association, or school.  I have pulled my phone out and had someone ask “what is that attached to your phone?”.   “It’s a portable charger that my company made for a visiting nurses association to give out to their employees, so that they can always be in touch with them even while the employees are on the road.”  This can happen with your company too.  Publicity.  For the cost of a branded power bank.

Add to this the feeling of goodwill towards you and your brand that the recipient will get from having received a super useful item, and most will consider it a worthwhile investment.

The abundance of portable electronic devices, mean that people will always have a need for extra battery power. Power banks are very adaptable.  Many of the items that we carry come with a USB to Micro-USB cable, which can be used to charge most devices that have a Micro-USB port.  For you Apple lovers out there, you can use your own lightning cable.  For those who still have a phone (or gps) with a Mini-USB port you can hook those up as well.  Any cable with a USB type-A plug will fit into our standard power banks.  Every time that someone charges any device with your power bank is a great opportunity to show off your brand’s name in a creative and handy manner.

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