What types of businesses use promotional power banks (also known as branded power banks)? Who are they giving them to? What benefit do they see from them? Let us talk about these questions and more…

Many companies with a fleet of vehicles and crew of employees on the road are seeing the benefit of giving their employees power banks. Let us pick a large, regional plumber as an example. This plumbing company owns over 70 vehicles for most of its 200 employees to use on the job. One of the services that they offer is a guaranteed ninety minute response time from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm for real plumbing emergencies (not standard repairs or prevention). In order for this to be feasible, all employees are required to have a mobile phone with them while they are on the clock. The company got custom power banks with their logo on it for all of their employees (even in the office), so that no one could say that his or her phone was dead. The company realized that not only were the employees thrilled with their gift, but every time that a client asked what the power bank was, the employee had an opportunity to explain about their guaranteed response time.

With the holiday season just passed, a lot of retail stores gave out promotional power banks. Some chose to give a nice power bank, such as the Brewster (one of our most popular options), or a gift set, to their most loyal clients. Others chose a more economic option and gave to anyone who made a purchase during December.

Also for the holidays, many schools ordered logoed power banks for distribution to their teachers or students. Construction companies give to their workers who are out at job sites all day. Travel agencies give to anyone who booked with them and cruises give to people who cruised with them.

Another area that in which we have found a lot of organizations using branded power banks is conferences, conventions, expos and symposiums.  Many will include a power bank in their welcome bag distributed to everyone who walks through the door. Others give them as a thank you to their volunteers. There are others still who choose a top of the line option (like the Joule), or one with a special feature (such as a built in speaker or car jump-starter) to give to the VIPs and guest speakers.

Almost any company can think of people to whom they can distribute company-branded power banks. (If you can’t think of a good idea, contact our experts and let them do the thinking for you.) Let us know who your company gave/will give theirs to.



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