First Impressions

van der Waals Promotional Power Bank charging an iPadThe first time I saw the 8,000 mAh van der Waals promotional power bank was at an industry trade show. I thought it was such a cool concept to have a large LED screen that could display a bunch of great things (more on this later) on a power bank, yet when it was off you had no idea that the screen existed. Anyway, once I finally got my hands on one, it was still really cool. At 6.1” x 2.95”, it is rather large, but that is not unexpected for a power bank with an output of 8,000 mAh.

Charging Time

Normally, this is when I would tell y’alls that I plugged it in immediately and give a time that it took to get to full. However, I can’t say that this time, as someone else from the office (who was, apparently, equally as excited about this as I was) got to it while I was out of the office and charged it overnight.

Once it was fully discharged, it took an average of four hours and forty four minutes to reach one hundred percent.

Phone Charging

About fifteen minutes after I plugged my phone in to the van der Waals branded power bank for the first time, I went to check on it. It had not charged at all. This is when I realized that in order to begin charging, you have to press either button “1” or “2”. This tells the power bank which port you are using. This is also the first power bank that I have tested that requires an action to begin charging.

Despite needing to pick an output port, once the first device is charging, as soon as you plug in a second device, it will also start charging.

To charge my phone (a 2,600 mAh Samsung Galaxy S4) took an average of one hour and sixteen minutes to charge it ninety five percent.  The van der Waals – fully charge – was typically able to charge my phone three full times plus at least another quarter. This leads me to believe that although it is marked as an 8,000 mAh power bank, it actually has a capacity closer to 8,400 mAh.

LED Screen

This is the coolest feature of this power bank. The back of the power bank looks like a chunk of black plastic. However, once you plug a device in or press one of the buttons (“1” or “2”, see above) blue LEDs light up. These lights show the percentage of the power bank’s battery that remains. If you press the button again, the date and time show up. Once more, just the time.  Cycle through again, and it will allow you to adjust the time and date as well as set an alarm.

The alarm is a high pitched beep that goes on for approximately thirty seconds. It is not super loud, but it is annoying enough to wake me up.

Promotional Value

At 2.5” x 5.5”, the imprint area on this power bank is rather large. Your logo is sure to get noticed. You may also contact us for details about the availability of four color process imprinting.


The van der Waals is a great promotional power bank. Although, needing to push a button to start charging your device is a minor inconvenience, I feel that the cool factor of the disappearing LED display is well worth the inconvenience of the push button.

Bonus Trivia Round

Johannes van der Waals was a theoretical physicist and won a Nobel Prize in physics in 1910.

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